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Warzone’s best weapon, the NZ-41, has just been nerfed, again

Expect big changes to the Warzone meta soon because the NZ-41 assault rifle has just been hit by a fairly crippling nerf once again

Warzone NZ-42 nerf: A man holds the NZ-41

Every time a gun seems to settle at the top of the Warzone meta, Raven Software seems to stick it in its line of fire and trigger a big old nerf. Well today, in the latest Warzone update, the NZ-41 has just been made much harder to handle.

Up until this patch, the best NZ-41 Warzone loadout was being picked by around 16% of the player base, which is enormous if you consider how many guns the game now has. It was arguably the best Warzone gun in the game by a long mile and that’s because its recoil pattern was easy to control and it packed one hell of a punch.

However, this pick rate is expected to take a bit of a tumble in the next couple of days as players notice the 20% increase in recoil recovery the developer has just added to the gun. Recoil recovery is the speed in which the screen attempts to return to centre after firing each shot.

In other words, your screen will take a little bit longer to settle after firing the gun in Warzone now, which might complicate situations where you have to fight multiple players at once.

Raven says this change was meant to go live with the last patch, which increased the NZ-41’s recoil, but for some reason this didn’t happen.

But it’s not the only weapon to come under fire either. The 8mm Klauser 40 Round Mags have seen an increased recoil control penalty and the H4 Blixen has seen its lower torso damage multiplier decreased by 0.1, from 1.1.

With these changes, it’s likely that we’ll see a change in the Warzone meta and the rise of the Marco 5 – an SMG which has been sitting pretty high up the charts now for a while now. You can find our best Marco 5 Warzone loadout right here.