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New Warzone update nerfs H4 Blixen, NZ-41, and popular attachments

Raven Software has just dropped a small Warzone update that's going to have a huge impact on the current meta with the H4 Blixen and NZ-41 both getting nerfed

Warzone H4 Blixen NZ41 nerf: A player runs across a ship clutching a gun

Another day, another Call of Duty Warzone title update, right? Well, this one is actually going to matter quite a bit – so it’s worth knowing about. On top of the usual selection of bug fixes, Raven Software has used this new Warzone update to nerf both the H4 Blixen and NZ-41 alongside several popular attachments. To put this into some sort of perspective, both weapons dominate the Warzone meta right now and feature in our selection of the best Warzone loadouts – and a lot of the attachments feature in the builds for our best Warzone guns.

So, it looks like Raven Software is trying to shake up the current meta and balance the battle royale somewhat – and who can blame them? But, just how impactful are these changes going to be? Well, the numbers suggest that it’s going to be noticeable at the very least.

The NZ-41’s lower torso damage multiplier has been knocked down a peg, from 1.1 to 1.0 – which will make a difference in long-range gunfights. In addition to this, popular attachments the Orb Weaver 360mm BC barrel and 6.5 Sakura 50 Round Mags magazine have both had their recoil control nerfed significantly.

It’s clear that this is going to affect quite a few players’ NZ-41 Warzone loadout builds – we just hope it’s still going to be deadly at a distance.

On the flip side of things, to make matters worse for those of you who stick to the meta religiously, Raven Software has also had a crack at the H4 Blixen.

This fast-firing SMG has had both its’ max damage range and mid damage range reduced by over two metres – which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s going to have a significant impact on players looking to make the most of this at middling ranges too. In addition to this, the weapon’s Jonsson 9″ RMK attachment has also had the damage range buff it adds nerfed. So, it might be worth checking out your H4 Blixen Warzone loadout again.

The part of this Warzone update that’s arguably more important is the handful of attachment nerfs Raven Software has introduced. The MX Silencer, a popular muzzle attachment, now offers 3% less muzzle velocity. The M1941 Handstop, another popular option, offers a 3.5% boost to recoil control – down from 4%. To top it off, the Lengthened ammunition attachment now only offers up an 8% buff for muzzle velocity.

Elsewhere, the Marco 5 and UGM-8 have been nerfed slightly and the 3-Line Rifle, Vanguard’s Kar98k, and the Type 99 all have 4% more base muzzle velocity. If you want to know more, you can check out the latest patch notes post from Raven Software here. As we said before, we don’t know how much this is going to matter just yet, but it’s going to matter and we could see a shift in the meta very soon.