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Bullfrog Warzone loadout - best attachments, perks, and equipment

Check out the best Warzone Bullfrog loadout that was taking names during the Black Ops Cold War era of the battle royale.

The Bullfrog SMG in Warzone

 You can no longer get or use the Bullfrog in Warzone because this version of the game was shut down. However, this guide will be updated and will be useful if the Bullfrog returns.

The Bullfrog SMG became one of players’ favourite weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone after the Black Ops Cold War Season 5 update. With decent damage, ADS speed, and an enormous magazine for an SMG, the Bullfrog always had potential on paper, but exploded in popularity following meta shifts that would see it keep a strong position until the end of the Black Ops Cold War era.

While the likes of the MAC-10 were still the top choice for those with a super aggressive, in-your-face playstyle, the Bullfrog was still a great close-range option that could hold its own at longer distances too. However, to get the most out of your trusty Bullfrog, you needed the five perfect attachments, an equally powerful second weapon, and the right line-up of perks and equipment to make the ultimate loadout.

With the removal of Black Ops Cold War’s integration with Warzone, its arsenal and all of its content were removed from the battle royale mode. That, unfortunately, means that you can’t currently get the Bullfrog in Warzone anymore – though there’s always a chance fan-favorite guns can make a return.

Bullfrog Warzone loadout

The best Warzone Bullfrog build was:

  • GRU Suppressor
  • 7.4” Task Force
  • Tiger Team Spotlight
  • KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Spetsnaz Grip

This was the perfect build for any Bullfrog Warzone loadout at the time. It not only cranked up your damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control to help with medium-range gunfights, but it also boosted your movement speed with the Tiger Team Spotlight.

This was a really balanced SMG that could fry at anything up to around 20 meters.

Warzone Bullfrog loadout: A soldier wearing sunglasses running with a white-and-red Bullfrog weapon while a helicopter fires at objects in the background.

For your second weapon in this loadout, a long-range AR was definitely the play. You would have been a fool to not use the build in our Krig Warzone loadout guide, which dominated the Warzone meta around this time. You could have also used the Bullfrog as a sniper support weapon, perfect for adding some close-range ferocity to the best Kar98 Warzone loadout class.

For your perks, a combination of Double Team, Overkill, and Amped would have served you well. After all, these were the meta perk choices for almost the entirety of the Black Ops Cold War era for a reason – they were simply too powerful and versatile. A Heartbeat Sensor was also an essential pick for your tactical equipment, and for the lethal equipment, the choice was yours between Thermite Grenades or C4.

The Bullfrog was one of the best Warzone guns to ever show its face in the battle royale, and it had a unique design to boot, making it a shame that you can no longer wield this weapon.