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Warzone 2 tactical map makes Al Mazrah a breeze to dominate

Navigating Al Mazrah in Warzone 2 can be a deadly task but this Warzone 2 tactical map tool could net you an easy dub in the COD battle royale spin-off

An image of the Captain Price operator in Al Mazrah in Call of Duty Warzone 2

Al Mazrah is a harsh map to traverse in Warzone 2, but not every match has to be a brutal beatdown. After scouring the latest COD battle royale map to no end, a band of savvy Call of Duty community members have put together the ultimate tool for increasing your chances of a dub or exfiltrating in Warzone 2 DMZ mode. Enter the Warzone 2 tactical map.

Communication is vital in Warzone 2, especially when you’re trying to rank up ahead of the Warzone 2 Season 2 release date. However, great callouts can only get you so far, as Al Mazrah proves to be a richly detailed map to explore. Even if you’re using this spicy Warzone 2 Bird’s Eye perk meta, the in-game map might not be detailed enough for your liking. Now, you can use the Warzone 2 tactical map to precisely plan your DMZ mode and battle royale adventures.

Spearheaded by Redditor ‘TuesandT’, this vastly detailed depiction of Al Mazrah is a spin on the devs’ own version. The Warzone 2 tactical map features a variety of toggles, which enable you to view POIs, strongholds, and player spawn points. Warzone 2 DMZ mode players will love it too, as every radiation and exfiltration zone is marked for your convenience.

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The Warzone 2 tactical map focuses primarily on DMZ currently, but it is possible that more battle-royale-specific features will arrive in future updates.

New areas like the elusive Building 21 are missing from the Warzone 2 tactical map. If you’re unsure when Building 21 returns to Warzone 2, we’ve got you covered.

Building 21 is tough though, so you’ll need the latest Warzone 2 meta weapons to survive. Look through the best Warzone 2 guns too, to ensure your arsenal is unmatched. Especially if you’re trying to find all Warzone 2 DMZ key locations.