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Warzone 2 Building 21 theory suggests new area is actually in Verdansk

Warzone 2 POI Building 21 isn’t located in Al Mazrah, but one wild Call of Duty theory claims the elusive location is actually in Verdansk

Modern Warfare 2 operator inside Building 21 in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 players are becoming obsessed with Building 21 and its secrets. Only accessible with key cards looted in DMZ, Building 21 is Infinity Ward’s most intriguing addition yet. Following its recent introduction into the MW2 battle royale spin-off, a new theory claims that the COD location is potentially hiding in a place many Warzone fans will know and love.

If you weren’t aware, the mysterious Warzone 2 DMZ Building 21 location isn’t even in Al Mazrah. Players who have managed to breach its walls with the Building 21 access card, also located several Building 21 weapon case locations. So if it’s not in Al Mazrah, where on earth is it?

Call of Duty YouTuber ‘GeekyPastimes’ has a radical theory that claims Building 21 is actually found in Verdansk. In tandem with Building 21’s purpose as a “biohazard lab”, the area’s mini-map – which briefly flashes up while loading in – shows that Building 21 lies within a crater.

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Craters are boring, but not the one that GeekyPastimes is theorising about. No, Building 21’s crater could in fact be the remains of a destroyed Verdansk. We last saw our beloved Verdansk when it was blown to smithereens, following a large-scale zombie invasion. Though the YouTuber posits their theory as “fan fiction”, its eerie atmosphere and scientific nature do lend themselves to this notion.

Whether zombies remerge is one thing, as their existence in the realistic Modern Warfare canon remains divisive. But possibly returning to Verdansk and the excellent Hospital drop zone? Sign us up right now.

As well as explaining his theory on Building 21’s location, GeekyPastimes also highlights a chain of deactivated computers that could be used in a future easter egg.

If you’re wondering when does Warzone 2 Building 21 POI return, you’re not alone, as the limited-time map has already been removed – hopefully, to add some more secrets.