All Warzone 2 DMZ key locations

Get an idea of all the Warzone 2 DMZ key locations across the map to unlock hidden secrets, open doors, or get access to caches for loot

Warzone 2 DMZ Key Locations: Two soldiers can be seen

If you have been exploring Al Mazrah in Warzone 2 you may have stumbled upon a locked box, or maybe you found a key. But, beyond the few you have found, there are actually dozens more and there are a lot of different Warzone 2 DMZ key locations where they can spawn.

This guide will cover the individual keys and the ways in which you can find them across the map. A lot is still being learnt about how this whole system works right now. As such, it isn’t clear if there are individual locations for each specific key or if they all randomly spawn in a variety of locations. So, this guide is a work in progress, but still useful while you are using the best Warzone 2 guns and winning matches.

Warzone 2 DMZ Key locations

Warzone 2’s DMZ key locations are found throughout the map, in duffel bags, dropped from killing high-value targets for Contracts, bought from buy stations, and found in other ways in Al Mazrah. As of right now, there are no confirmed ways to actually obtain keys. A lot of it comes down to luck or just randomly finding them.

But, to help you out we have a full list of the keys below which will be updated with locations and where you can find them, once players have spent some time exploring and really nailing how this whole system works. This full list of names comes from ‘Killer Stidge’ on Twitter who is listing the keys as the community finds them.

Each key comes with a map reference upon finding it so you can narrow down where to find it.

  • Ahmed’s Grocery Store Office – exact location unknown
  • Airport Maintenance – exact location unknown
  • Al Bagra Barrack – exact location unknown
  • Al Bagra Fortress Antiquities Office – exact location unknown
  • Al Bagra Munitions Storeroom – exact location unknown
  • Al Bagra Officers Quarters – exact location unknown
  • Algae Covered Toolbox – exact location unknown
  • Al-Safwa Stone Block Office – exact location unknown
  • Bank of Adal Top Story Office – exact location unknown
  • Bank of Adal Second Story Office – exact location unknown
  • B.C. Toolbox – exact location unknown
  • Canal Apartment 10 – exact location unknown
  • Captain’s Cache – exact location unknown
  • Caretaker’s House – exact location unknown
  • Cavern Boat Dock Shack – exact location unknown
  • Central Sa’id Top Floor Apartment – exact location unknown
  • Central Zaya Meeting Room – exact location unknown
  • Channel 7 Editorial Department – exact location unknown
  • Clock Repair Tools – exact location unknown
  • Crane Control Room – exact location unknown
  • Dockhand’s Toolbox – exact location unknown
  • Downtown Post Office – exact location unknown
  • Far South Eastern Storage Closet – exact location unknown
  • Groundskeeping Building – exact location unknown
  • Hafid Ship First Mate Cache – exact location unknown
  • Hafid Ship Bridge Cache – exact location unknown
  • Hydra Island Computer – exact location unknown
  • IHTAQ Warehouse Supply Room – exact location unknown
  • Kosook Construction Warehouse – exact location unknown
  • Lighthouse Citadel Room – exact location unknown
  • Longshoreman’s Duffel Bag – exact location unknown
  • Mawizah Cell Shop – exact location unknown
  • Mawizah Power Control Station – exact location unknown
  • Mawizah Slum Discarded Cache – exact location unknown
  • North Canals Information Booth – exact location unknown
  • Police Academy Server Admin – exact location unknown
  • Power Substation Toolbox – exact location unknown
  • Quarry Worker’s Last Toolbox – exact location unknown
  • Rohan Control Room Locker – exact location unknown
  • Rohan Oil North Guard Shack – exact location unknown
  • Rohan Oil South Guard Shack – exact location unknown
  • Sawah Hotel Room 302 – exact location unknown
  • Sawah Hotel Room 303 – exact location unknown
  • Scientist Locker – exact location unknown
  • South Al Bagra Top Floor Bedroom – exact location unknown
  • South Bank Apartment – exact location unknown
  • South Zaya Scientist Apartment – exact location unknown
  • Special Forces Deaddrop – exact location unknown
  • Taraq River Supply Shock – exact location unknown
  • Taraw Smuggler’s Office – exact location unknown
  • Traveler’s Luggage – exact location unknown
  • Under Freeway East Warehouse – exact location unknown
  • U.S. Embassy – exact location unknown
  • Weapons Repair Kit – exact location unknown
  • Yum Yum Burger Back Room – exact location unknown
  • Zaya Radar Dome – exact location unknown

With how DMZ works you can exfil with the keys and then return in a different match and open up the item or box that these are for. But, it is worth noting that DMZ in Warzone 2 is rather buggy right now with glitches and issues permeating the mode everywhere.

So, on top of trying to learn the system, it isn’t clear exactly whether certain events are a bug or intended. But, collecting some of these keys has opened up easter eggs which has two separate storylines, one for the Golden Skull and the Samum. But, other messages and secrets have been seen as well.

You can watch both videos for the Golden Skull and Samum easter egg from ‘Geeky Pastimes’ below:

YouTube Thumbnail
YouTube Thumbnail

That about covers what we know when it comes to the Warzone 2 DMZ key locations right now. But, we will be updating this guide a lot over the coming days as we learn more about how they work and what you can expect to get from the various caches across the map. If you are looking for more on the Warzone 2 map then check out our guides on the Warzone 2 vehicles and the best Warzone 2 perk packages to run as you are exploring.