This new MW3 Zombies solo secret really isn’t what you’re expecting

Treyarch confirms a MW3 Zombies secret is lurking in the game's solo mode, and one savvy Call of Duty player may have found it already.

MW3 Zombies solo secret easter egg

Easter eggs and secrets are part of the fabric when it comes to Call of Duty Zombies, and acclaimed MW3 Zombies developer Treyarch isn’t about to break that trend. As the latest iteration of the beloved survival mode launches around the world, the developer confirms that a MW3 Zombies solo secret is waiting to be found. However, it hasn’t taken long for one eagled-eyed MW3 player to suss out exactly what this MW3 Zombies easter egg could be.

In a recent MW3 Zombies intel drop, associate game designer Nicole Havin reveals that Modern Warfare 3 players can expect to uncover a special secret: “There is the option to assimilate with other squads […] you can do it by yourself […] we do support it, and there is something secret that I worked on that will help solo players stay alive.” But what could it be? We already know that Quick Revive doesn’t self-revive players like round-based Zombies, making it even tougher to survive as a lone wolf.

However, avid easter egg hunter and Call of Duty content creator ‘Geeky Pastimes‘ appears to have discovered what Havin suggests can aid players in battle. It isn’t a glorious Wonder Weapon from the MW3 guns list, but instead a more trusty ally, in the form of a pleasant Hellhound. “I think I found the secret thing to help solo players!” claims the COD YouTuber. Previously, we reported on the MW3 trophy list containing an achievement for petting a Hellhound in the game, which we theorize can be done by shooting a Hellhound with the Brain Rot ammo type.

This rather good boy looks like they reside in a dedicated spot within Urzikstan, which is also the setting for the brand-new Warzone map. They even have a dog house too, with is inscribed with the words “feed me” above the entrance. Well, as long as he doesn’t feast on you and your squad mates, it could be quite the lucrative partnership. Petting the lovely fellow prompts the Deadman’s Best Friend objective to be completed.

The Hellhound first appeared in Call of Duty World at War, in the map Shi No Numa. Killing them awards the lobby a Max Ammo pickup, but in MW3 Zombies, you’ll see enemy Hellhounds frequently in the map’s higher tier threat zones.

There is still the possibility that a far bigger aid for solo players is waiting to be found, whether it is a specific item or easy access to a Wonder Weapon. Players can obtain schematics to craft, which contains the ability to conjure the Ray Gun or the Wunderwaffe DG-2 according to Treyarch: “Locate the necessary (and devilishly difficult to find) Schematics, and you’re able to craft some of the most arcane and powerful weaponry ever seen.”

MW3 Zombies secret easter egg dog

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Of course, we can’t wait to see the new mode’s main easter egg, although it isn’t present at launch. With the MW3 Season 1 release date looming, that gives you plenty of time to grind through all the MW3 camos, including the separate array of MW3 Zombies camos that look badass.