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MW3 Zombies camos might be the easiest weapon skins to acquire

Call of Duty players can earn a collection of MW3 Zombies camos, and despite initial confusion, they might be the easiest MW3 camos to get.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Weapon Camos

The quest to grind every single one of the Modern Warfare 3 camos begins soon, as the latest Call of Duty game prepares for launch. But we’re not talking about any old weapon skins in MW3, we’re talking about those glorious MW3 Zombies camos. It may seem confusing at first trying to ascertain which ones are worth playing for, but they might just have some of the easiest requirements yet.

Modern Warfare 3 is swinging for the fences when it comes to the sheer amount of MW3 camos available. With over 800 camos to acquire in one of the many new PS5 games releasing over the holidays, you’ll be busy earning them well into next year. But the tasks for earning them can be irritating (we’re looking at you longshots in Modern Warfare 2). According to a new Call of Duty blog, developer Sledgehammer Games iterates that “like the MW3 multiplayer weapon camos, every MW3 weapon also has up to four individual Zombie camos, all brand-new to MW3 and each requiring unlock challenges to obtain.”

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This also applies to MW2 guns, but the tasks so far MW3 Zombies camos describe objectives such as “in Zombies, get 5 Mimic kills with the M4” or “in Zombies, get 250 Hipfire Kills with the MCW.” These objectives will likely apply to some of the easier cameos, but as Sledgehammer aims to ease the process of collecting each weapon skin, it appears to be far more approachable than the daunting demand that its predecessor set for players. The mastery camos in MW3 Zombies are as follows:

  • Golden Enigma (Acquired with a certain number of Zombie kills and a successful Extract with the weapon in a single deployment)
  • Zircon Scale (Acquired with a certain number of Zombie kills with the weapon while it is Pack-A-Punched)
  • Serpentinite (Acquired with a set number of Special or Elite Zombie Kills with the weapon)
  • Borealis (Complete a total of 36 Serpentinite Camo challenges for MW3 weapons)

We’re glad to see those pesky MW2 multiplayer camo requirements are left out of Zombies mode, as the challenges of navigating an undead-ridden map is enough of an ordeal to overcome. Though reception to the latest COD entry is targeting the divisive MW3 campaign, the next iteration of Zombies could be a real saving grace for the game.

In fact, it might just the redemption it needs after Call of Duty Vanguard. Evolving off of Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak mode, merging familiar Zombies elements with a sprawling open-world and multiple teams on the field sounds like an absolute blast.

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It could be enough to position Modern Warfare 3 as one of the best FPS games of the year, but we’ll have to see if Zombies mode sticks the landing.