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New MW3 Zombies leaks reveal return of Black Ops Wonder Weapon

This Call of Duty Black Ops Wonder Weapon could be headed to MW3 Zombies, as new MW3 leaks signal the return of the V-R11 in Modern Warfare 3.

MW3 Zombies leaks VR 11 wonder weapon

Call of Duty Zombies has had many fantastic eras, but Treyarch hit the big time with the first Black Ops game. With a new chapter in the form of MW3 Zombies, Treyarch appears to be leaning on its history with the franchise, as new MW3 leaks indicate the return of a classic Wonder Weapon. Get ready for a trip down memory lane, as the V-R11 is poised for a comeback.

Nope, not the Thundergun, folks. While it would be excellent for MW3 Zombies to resurrect the beloved beast of a weapon, recent leaks from ‘HeyImAlaix’ reveal that the underrated VR-11 is headed to the MW3 guns roster. Found during a fresh datamine of the game’s files, the V-R11 can be seen in MW3‘s Firing Range, alongside Mastery camos to earn when it potentially arrives. While Treyarch is yet to mention what new features will in MWZ when the MW3 Season 1 release date arrives, we speculate that the Mystery Box will gain some more weaponry additions.

The V-R11 debuted in Call of the Dead, the ninth Black Ops Zombies map, and overall the sixth-largest map in Zombies history. It marks a special time for the mode, as it is the first map to features celebrities as playable characters. Notably, horror filmmaking legend, the late George Romero, features in the map as a parodic version of himself that torments the player in undead form. Easily one of the best FPS game experiences for Zombies fans, it is odd to see the V-R11 return considering how it functions.

MW3 Zombies VR-11 leaks

Unlike the Ray Gun or Wunderwaffe DG-2, the V-R11 isn’t primarily used to kill enemies. Instead, the V-R11 actually returns zombies to their human form. It is only when the weapon is Pack-A-Punched that it will feature deadlier functionality, as it is able to explode the undead after 3 shots. We think it could be useful in new Contracts, as we may be tasked with turning enemy AI back into normal citizens of Urzikstan. However, with COD Zombies evolving over the years, the V-R11 could have a completely new function in MW3 Zombies.

The V-R11 is a fantastic support weapon, though, as shooting a teammate can apply an Insta-Kill effect, while also deterring the undead from attacking you. This would be extremely handy in the map’s higher tier threat zones, especially if you’re trying to acquire the MW3 Ray Gun schematic. Just don’t forget to apply this MW3 double XP code while you’re at it.

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We’re curious to see what other Wonder Weapons will be dug back up for MW3 Zombies, as the V-R11’s arrival gives off the notion that is anything is fair game. Apothicon Sword from Shadows of Evil? D.I.E Shockwave from Black Ops Cold War? Give us all of them, because we can conjure up some nasty MW3 loadouts in Zombies going forward.