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More MW3 The Boys skins are rumored to arrive, but not this one

New MW3 leaks claim that a fresh range of MW3 The Boys skins are coming to the latest Call of Duty game, but sadly not for this hero.

Modern Warfare 3 The Boys crossover

We can’t wait for The Boys to return to our TV screens next year, and if you’re impatiently waiting for the hit Amazon Prime show latest season, then Modern Warfare 3 could tide you over until then. Following on from its previous Call of Duty crossover, a follow-up is allegedly is in the works, which will bring more MW3 The Boys skins to the game. However, it is looking like bad news if you’re a fan of one particular character.

The first major content drop for Modern Warfare 3 is almost here, as the MW3 Season 1 release date is on the horizon. Set to add new content for MW3 Zombies, fresh MW3 maps, and more, what we’re really looking forward to is the rumored ‘The Boys vs The Seven’ crossover. According to Call of Duty leaker ‘ForwardLeaks’, a series of datamines uncover the forthcoming collaboration, which will feature several challenges for players to complete across Zombies and MW3 multiplayer.

With a new crossover supposedly in the works, that means we could see a fresh batch of Operator bundles in the COD store. Corroborating recent reports, ‘MW3 Intel’ claims that “The Boys vs The Seven event will have a skin for the character A-Train.” Mentions of other characters are elusive, but we’re wondering exactly where a Solider Boy skin is. With Black Noir, Homelander, and Starlight appearing as skins, we think it is a no-brainer to bring in The Boys Season 3’s most popular character. It might not be enough to pivot MW3 as one of the best FPS games around, but we wouldn’t say to no roaming around playlists like Rustment 24/7 as Solider Boy.

Modern Warfare 3 The Boys skins a-train

Modern Warfare 3 solider boy skin

Solider Boy, played by Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, is one of very few characters able to go toe-to-toe with Homelander, the show’s heinous and near immortal villain. Thanks to Ackles excellent performance and the instant viral sensation of his in-character cover of Blondie’s Rapture, Solider Boy is easily one of the best additions to the show. Fans are feeling the same way, responding to MW3 Intel’s post with numerous calls for a MW3 Solider Boy skin.

Allegedly there will be a dedicated playlist for the crossover, but details of what modes will feature in it are unknown. Given that The Boys x Warzone collaboration saw power ups grant players different abilities from the show, it is possible that a purpose built The Boys playlist could replicate this, and this is reflected in the proposed challenges. Specifically, ForwardLeaks purports that the following challenges will be available to complete for ‘The Seven’ side of the crossover:

  • Get 1 Operator Heat Vision Kill in The Boys Mode
  • Deactivate 20 pieces of equipment using DDOS
  • Get 45 Operator kills using the MTZ-762
  • Get 2 Operator kills in a single life with the overkill vest equipped 5 times
  • Get 15 Operator Akimbo kills
  • Get 7 Operator kills using lethal[s]

MW3 The Boys vs The Seven crossover

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As The Boys Season 4 release date is still far away, and the Gen V Season 2 release date is even farther away, we’re curious to see when this potential crossover will appear. Now that Gen V Season 1 is over, perhaps Amazon Prime will want to keep up the momentum, as The Boys Season 4 could drop in early 2024. Either way, again, all we ask is that they give us that damn Solider Boy skin.