MW3 Rustment 24/7 is surely bound to be the sweatiest COD playlist yet

Rust 24/7 is spicy, but just wait until you get into Rustment 24/7, a new MW3 playlist that combines two of the smallest COD maps around.

MW3 rustment

Maps like Highrise, Terminal, and Scrapyard are all excellent arenas, but Modern Warfare 3 really sings when battles are smaller scale. We don’t mean the action, we mean the surrounding locales. If you thought Rust 24/7 was chaotic, well, developer Sledgehammer Games has other plans in mind for MW3 players. Prepare for Rustment 24/7, a fresh playlist set to test your Call of Duty spirit.

Get your best MW3 guns ready and raring to go, because you’ll need every advantage to stay alive for more than 3 seconds in Rustment 24/7. The brand-new Call of Duty playlist is officially headed to the game on Thursday, November 30, 2023, and will be available from 10:00AM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM GMT. If you haven’t guessed it already, the forthcoming Modern Warfare 3 playlist is a combination of Rust and Shipment, two of the smallest MW3 maps you’ll have the pleasure of booting into.

While Rust certainly feels bigger, don’t be fooled by this. You’ll be dying, then spawning, dying, then spawning over and over again. That’s just part of the price for playing these maps, but in exchange you’ll be able to grind MW3 camos far easier. We’ve been playing Rust 24/7, which is currently live in-game, and dipping into Hardcore Rust 24/7 makes it super easy to level up your MW3 Rival 9 loadout or MW3 MCW loadout.

MW3 rustment 24/7 playlist

We can already feel the sweat, the digital bloodshed, and the threat of plentiful air strikes waiting to pulverize every player in the lobby. The playlist arrives before the MW3 Season 3 release date, which brings fresh content to MW3 Zombies, as well as the new Warzone map release date. Players can also experience the benefits of Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP right now, which won’t be sticking around for very long.

Rust first debuted in the original Modern Warfare 2, back in 2009. The map has become the stuff of legend, often used at the time for Call of Duty clan battles, be it solo or in teams. Had a beef with another player? Take it to Rust and 1v1 them with your trusty Intervention sniper rifle. Just remember, the last shot has to be a 360 spin off the top of the map. Shipment on the other hand debuted back in 2007, releasing with Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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Predominantly seen in Free-For-All matches, Shipment is just as iconic as Rust, if not more so due to its frequent presence in the recent Modern Warfare reboot series. Get prepared for both of them with our guide to the best MW3 loadouts.