New MW3 TAQ Eradicator is your cheat code to skipping this camo grind

If you're fed up of trying to grind some of the MW3 camos, the new MW3 TAQ Eradicator could help you out on your way to Interstellar camo.

MW3 TAQ Eradicator

Like you, we’re after every one of the gorgeous MW3 camos, but collecting them all is a very time-consuming process. However, there is a way to get around grinding some of the hardest Modern Warfare 3 weapons skin, thanks to the inclusion of the new MW3 TAQ Eradicator. You won’t have long to take advantage of this trick, though, as it could disappear at any moment.

Rally up, Call of Duty players. The time to add your TAQ Eradicator to your best MW3 loadouts is now, especially as MW3 Rustment and MW3 Shipment playlists are now live in-game. The TAQ Eradicator is a brand-new LMG, which Sledgehammer Games is giving players the chance to earn across weekly challenges. Specifically, you’ll need to assign this weapon as your next Armory Unlock, then complete 5 of your weekly challenges to acquire it.

Once that is done, however, you can actually use it to circumvent camo challenges for weapons like the RGL-80 grenade launcher. How? Well, the TAQ Eradicator currently counts toward your camo progression, whether you’re trying to unlock Priceless or Interstellar. Both camos require all 36 base game MW3 guns to be completed in their respective categories, but you can focus on using the TAQ Eradicator within those boundaries. Thankfully, this new weapon isn’t too shabby either, and it could find a place within the MW3 meta soon enough.

MW3 Taq Eradicator

This handy tip comes from ‘Warzone Meta’ on social media, but with it allowing such an easy way of skipping over some of the game’s lousier weapons, it is possible that Sledgehammer Games could patch this out. That would effectively take you up to 37 total Priceless and Interstellar challenges, although it is nowhere near as taxing as Modern Warfare 2, which contains over 50 camo challenges to earn Orion. Never again.

Modern Warfare 3’s path to acquiring all the weapon skins feels far more attainable this year, even if you’re not playing the game consistently. Getting weapons through to Gilded is a welcome change of pace, with the progression to Forged feeling like a fairer challenge this time around. There is still the odd annoyances in the form of long-shot objectives, but we’ll take it in place of Modern Warfare 2’s grueling tasks.

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The TAQ Eradicator is also accompanied by the new Golden River camo too, which we think looks pretty damn tasty. If the MW3 Season 1 release date keeps up the momentum the game has right now, it could just be one of the best FPS games around for months to come.