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Apex Legends leaks suggest Titanfall 2 ticks will invade battle royale

Apex Legends Season 17 leaks indicate that we may see the return of Titanfall 2 ticks, hinting toward an event that could shake up the Respawn battle royale.

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The battlefields of King’s Canyon or Olympus are often teaming with baddies in Apex Legends, but the PS5 and Xbox battle royale doesn’t have to be so tough now that the Apex Legends Season 17 release date is here. Aside from using the best Apex Legends classes in Season 17, knowing what threats are out there is essential, and new leaks suggest that a familiar Titanfall 2 element is returning to the map.

Prolific Apex Legends leaker ‘KralRindo’ highlights the discovery of “new explosive modified ticks” residing with Apex Legends’ files. Sporting a new design and a rather incendiary potential on the battlefield, KralRindo theorises that this Titanfall 2 specialist feature could emerge for an event in the future of Season 17. ” [It] seems to be AI for [the] map. [It] could be for a town takeover,” says the leaker.

Ticks are notable in Titanfall lore for supporting the game’s faction, the Interstellar Manufacturers Corporation, during battle. In Titanfall 2 multiplayer, players can equip Ticks as a boost – a one-use-only ability that could grant an advantage in battle.

Apex Legends has seen Ticks appear before in previous updates, though the cybernetic organisms’ appearance is drastically different from their Titanfall 2 counter-part. Loot Ticks, as they’re known in the Respawn battle royale, are featured in the Apex Games and can provide players with different weapons across the game’s different rarities.

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With the Ticks potentially set for a new appearance in Apex Legends, perhaps their explosive redesign could present a hazard to those trying to loot their way to victory. Now that the Star Wars Jedi Survivor developer has unveiled the latest update, getting ahead of the Ticks by mastering all of the Apex Legends Ballistic abilities could be your best chance of standing victorious.

Although, Ballistic’s abilities do have some caveats to explore. But before you decide to learn about the thrilling new legend, a recent series of tweaks in the latest Apex Legends update brings some drastic changes to players that favour Support classes.

 Alongside fellow battle royale experiences like Fortnite and Warzone 2, Apex Legends still stands as one of the best FPS games out there, so don’t hesitate to scour the latest Apex Legends tier list as you head into combat on PS5, Xbox, and PC.