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All Apex Legends Ballistic abilities

Find out what you can expect from all of the gameplay options Ballistic has when he joins the roster of other Legends in the battle royale

Apex Legends Ballistic Abiliites: Ballistic can be seen

Ballistic has been revealed as the next hero in Apex Legends and he is set to shake up the formula in brand new ways. With a focus on weapons and either granting them new abilities or new perks, he is set to really shake up how the battle royale plays with a bunch of Apex Legends Ballistic abilities.

Below, you can find a full overview of what Ballistic can do in a match of Apex Legends. Ballistic is back from the Stories From The Outlands in Apex Legends and his debut will come alongside the next season, as well as a number of Apex Legends ranked play changes in Season 17.

Apex Legends Ballistic abilities list

Ballistic’s abilities in Apex Legends are:

  • Weapon Sling – A sling where you can store a third weapon. Access via inventory. The sling weapon cannot take attachments. (Passive)
  • Whistler – Shoots a projectile that debuffs the enemy, holding the tactical allows it to lock-on. Enemies’ guns will start to heat up as they shoot. Overheating will cause a reaction and deal damage. (Tactical)
  • Tempest – When activated nearby teammates get a buff applied to give faster reloads, armed movement speed, and infinite ammo. Ballistic’s sling weapon will be equipped and upgraded to gold. (Ultimate)

Overall, these abilities seem quite strong. Particularly Weapon Enhancer looks like it could be a real pain for players. Unlimited ammo and faster reloads are nothing to be scoffed at and we can see Ballistic definitely rising up the Apex Legends tier list.

Elsewhere, Weapon Sling is also particularly strong, potentially allowing you to carry a weapon for all ranges, close, medium, and long ranges. This could make you especially powerful and hard to take down as you can be prepared for any situation, which is key to matches as well as succeeding in Apex Legends ranked.

Smart Bullet is a unique ability we haven’t really seen used in this sort of way before on a Legend. But, much like Ballistic’s other abilities, it looks to be quite disruptive, shaking up fights and potentially tipping the odds in your favour.

All of these abilities have been confirmed and can be seen in the gameplay trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

That covers all the abilities Ballistic has at his disposal in the game. For even more on the next season of Apex Legends, be sure to check out what we know so far. This includes when you can play and when that all-important Apex Legends Season 17 release date.