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Apex Legends’ Catalyst a “liability” when countering scans

If you thought Catalyst was going to change the Apex Legends meta, you'd be mistaken - she's actually more of a hinderance than a help when it comes to scans

Apex Legends Catalyst complaints scan counter: an image of the woman on her ferrofluid throne

We know it looks like Gibraltar and Newcastle are Catalyst’s kryptonite in Apex Legends, but what if something even more detrimental to her success in the Apex Games was the very thing she swore to destroy? Despite hopes that Apex Legends’ Catalyst would be Seer’s worst nightmare – thanks to her scan-blocking Dark Veil ultimate ability – battel royale players are quickly discovering that this giant wall of ferrofluid is actually more of a hinderance than a help when it comes to dealing with an enemy Seer and his squad.

Why do we think Catalyst should be bumped down a tier or two on our Apex Legends tier list? Well, while Catalyst’s Dark Veil ultimate ability does appear to block Seer’s Focus of Attention tactical ability and Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather tactical ability, it doesn’t actually block Seer’s Exhibit ultimate ability. You know, the scan ability that everyone wants to have a counter for.

If you haven’t managed to try using Catalyst to climb the Apex Legends ranks yet and you’re not sure why this is actually that much of an issue, a Reddit post from ‘NuggetHighwind‘ explains why, and the comment section is full of people sharing similar excperiences – and grievances.

Describing Catalyst as “more of a liability against scan legends than a counter to them”, this Reddit post’s OP has explained that the fact that Catalyst’s Dark Veil ultimate ability blocks visuals for both sides, it’s just as likely to get you killed when you try to counter a scan as it is to actually help you counter it.

Seer’s Exhibit ultimate ability, Crypto’s Surveillance Drone tactical ability and Neurolink passive ability, and even Maggie’s Warlord’s Ire passive ability all seem to still be able to track enemies through the wall of ferrofluid. We know Apex Legends wanted Catalyst to appeal to every playstyle, but the fact that her Dark Veil ultimate ability is fully permeable – but completely blocks visuals – means you’re leaving yourself open to attack when scanned on the other side of it.

Catalyst is more of a liability against scan Legends than a counter to them. from apexlegends

As you might imagine, people in the comments section of this aforementioned Reddit post are sharing their experiences on both sides of the ferrofluid wall – and finding some humour in the fact that Apex Legends’ supposed scan counter has actually made less-popular legends like Crypto more viable and abilities like Seer’s Exhibit ultimate ability even more powerful than it already was.

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Ahead of the Eclipse update, Apex Legends’ devs were unsure if Ranked players would like Broken Moon, but maybe they should have been more concerned about whether players would like Catalyst’s kit. Either way, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this legend get a buff in the mid-season update. We’ll make sure we’re keeping an eye on the latest Apex Legends patch notes for that.