Apex Legends smuggles vital Ash buff in Sun Squad event update

The Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event is here and with it comes a vital Ash buff for battle royale players looking to jump into the new LTM when it drops.

Apex Legends Ash buff Sun Squad Collection Event: an image of Ash from the battle royale game trailer

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has just revealed the Sun Squad Collection Event – a summer-themed in-game event kicking off a lot sooner than summer is IRL. If you’re someone who’s been wanting some sort of beachwear cosmetic for Loba, you’re in luck. You can stop asking now, an Apex Legends swimsuit skin is coming. However, Loba mains aren’t the only ones winning in this Collection Event update. Apex Legends is smuggling a vital Ash buff in the Sun Squad Collection Event update.

As shown by this Apex Legends blog post on the new Collection Event, it looks like Ash’s Arc Snare tactical ability is going to get a rather substantial buff when the next title update drops – which is going to be on March 28, when the event itself begins.

Not only is Respawn Entertainment reducing the cooldown of this ability by five seconds, from 25s to 20s, it’s also increasing the travel speed of the Arc Snare projectile itself by almost double. This means that the Arc Snare travel speed is being increased from 700 up to 1200.

Oh, and that’s not even all. Ash’s Arc Snare is going to have its’ tether activation delay and snare grow time decreased by about 50%. Yeah – we know, right? Ash could be shooting up to the top of our Apex Legends tier list with this sort of change.

Looking at these small Apex Legends patch notes, it looks like Ash’s Arc Snare is going to be available more frequently, travel a lot faster, and hit the intended target much more consistently going forward. Anyone who’s an Ash main will know that this has been a huge weakness in her kit for some time – and it’s nice to have a reason to play her after Respawn Entertainment’s reevaluation of the Apex Legends classes.

As you can see in the trailer below, the Sun Squad Collection Event will also see Ash’s heirloom item introduced alongside new cosmetics for Fuse, Mirage, Catalyst, Newcastle, Loba, and more. There’s going to be an event-focused reward track for players to complete – and unlock some new skins for Bangalore and the Charge Rifle – alongside a new LTM.

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