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You’ll never guess where these sneaky Apex Legends QR codes lead

Apex Legends Season 16 harbours many secrets to find in the popular battle royale shooter, but these Apex Legends QR codes direct players to a familiar place.

Bangalore in Apex Legends and QR codes on PS5

Apex Legends Season 16 is still underway, as players duke it out for competitive glory in the ever-popular multiplayer shooter. Though many Bangalore or Wraith players are waiting for the arrival of Apex Legends Season 17, there are still some treats to discover, such as fun QR codes that can be found in-game at your own leisure. If you’re wondering where these Apex Legends QR codes take you in cyberspace, you may just feel right at home.

Over on the Apex Legends subreddit, eagle-eyed Redditor ‘Living-Small’ points out a fun discovery to find within the Apex Legends firing range. “Did you know these QR codes work? They are on the bottom of the targets in firing range,” points out the avid Apex Legends fan. Pictured below is an example of the QR codes within the game, which are found on in-game displays. The purpose of their inclusion might not be as exciting as you may think though.

“You might want to do some testing of your own and come back with the results and show us where they go,” encourages Redditor ‘Master_Of_Yeeling1‘. After scanning the QR code, it turns out that the final result is none other than the official Apex Legends website. While it might not necessarily be a world-changing secret for Apex Legends lore, players are noting the codes appear outside the firing range too.

Did you know these QR codes work? They are on the bottom of the targets in firing range from apexlegends

“The same thing happens with the QR codes on the healing items,” claims Redditor ‘Jokermango‘. Other players though wish that developer Respawn Entertainment had decided to play a trick on curious fans: “They should have linked to a Rick Roll.” Furthermore, the developer appears to extend its love for QR codes to more than just in-game displays or consumable items.

Redditor ‘kniveengaffelnskeden‘ says “one of the Prowler skins has a QR code as well. I’ve tried to enhance it but my scanner never picks it up. [Has] anyone that had success [with this] and would like to share their findings?” The Prowler skin in question is the Spacewalker, claims the Apex fan, and it appears that the skin has puzzled other Prowler fanatics in the past too. The QR code is displayed on the player’s weapon, but some players claim it can’t be scanned properly.

Nonetheless, we’re sure that it’ll likely take you once again, to the Apex Legends home page. Until a new mystery presents itself, check out the latest Apex Legends patch notes to acquaint yourself with all the major changes in the current update.