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How to get Discord integration on Xbox?

Do you want to know how to get Discord on Xbox? Here are the steps you need to take to be able to join others communicating through the platform

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Now that Xbox has announced Discord is coming to their consoles, you are probably wondering how to get Discord integration on Xbox so you can benefit from it’s perks?

Well, frustratingly, not everyone can get in right now as Microsoft are holding a beta for the functionality to ensure it works correctly. Once things are tested and working it will then be rolled out to everyone on Xbox consoles, whether that is an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or an Xbox Series S. But, in reality you can check out the feature very easily by just taking a few extra steps and becoming an Xbox Insider.

So, check out the guide below to find out how to get Discord integration on Xbox, so you can begin chatting with your friends using one of the most popular platforms available today. The full steps and links you need are below.

How to get Discord integration on Xbox?

In order to get Discord on Xbox, you need to sign up to be an Xbox Insider. This can be done on your console by downloading the Xbox Insider Hub app from the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console.

Once you are signed up, the discord integration beta should appear for you to opt into. Once opted in you can begin testing the chat function and overall integration. You can also find more details about how the insider app works here.

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