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Xbox launches Discord voice chat, despite PlayStation deal

Despite a deal between Sony and Discord, it looks like Xbox consoles are getting Discord voice chat way before PlayStation consoles

Xbox Discord voice chat: A Razer headset sat on sat with a green background behind

Ever since Sony announced it was investing in Discord to bring the platform to its consoles, PlayStation 5 fans have been giddily checking their watches. However, it appears they’ll be waiting a little longer than their competitors, thanks to a new deal struck up between the voice communication service and Microsoft.

Discord voice chat is coming to the Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles soon – although if you’re an Xbox Insider, you’ll already have access to it. This will allow you to talk with friends while you play, regardless of platforms. Xbox players will also be able to pop out the Discord app to see who’s in your channel and who’s speaking. You’ll also be able to change the volume of your friends like you can on PC, which is especially helpful if your friend has a habit of lobbing their controller across the room while playing the best Xbox Series X games.

All you’ll need, according to the Xbox Wire, is to scan a QR code once the feature is available in a couple of weeks, which will take you to the Discord login page. Here you’ll be able to link your two accounts before you can them hop in a chat with friends.

Of course, this news hasn’t gone down well with PlayStation fans. Last year Sony partnered with Discord to bring the two platforms “closer together” – something that has been delayed. Sony also invested an undisclosed amount into the company after rumours swirled suggesting Microsoft wanted to acquire the platform.

We still don’t know much about the partnership, but given the only thing PlayStation fans can do is link their accounts, it doesn’t look good for those in blue.