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Marvel’s Wolverine could be as gory as the X-Men Origins game

Marvel's Wolverine might be just be the R-Rated game fans want. GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb claims Insomniac Games' next Marvel project will meet those expectations.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men Origins Wolverine

Move over Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – there’s another hero back on the block. Insomniac Games is sharpening Logan’s claws, as Marvel’s Wolverine comes to life behind the scenes. Yet, the legendary X-Men character can’t get by with just Adamatium bones alone – players will want to rip and tear his foes faster than Quicksilver’s quips. If you’ve been hoping that Marvel’s Wolverine would feature some bloody battles, then you might be in luck.

Speaking on the development of Marvel’s Wolverine, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb claims on the Games Mess morning podcast that “hard R is what they’re [Insomniac Games] is going for. That’s one of the concepts I’ve heard, which I think is the right move for Wolverine.” Marvel fans will know that Wolverine has had a glorious gory outing before in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Rumours of Marvel’s Wolverine approach to the character have had fans concerned. The Marvel’s Spider-Man subreddit has seen comparisons to that of Marvel’s Avengers, as fans hope that Wolverine’s antics aren’t scaled down or muted for a lower age rating.

The movie tie in-game, from developer Raven Software, unleashes Wolverine’s berserker side in full force. Not only does the game depict his rapid healing correctly, but players can mow down enemies to the bone – all in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, of course. If Marvel’s Wolverine is heading in the same direction, then Logan’s next-gen debut could be a tasty one.

Nonetheless, you’ll have plenty of time to practice your best Hugh Jackman scream in the lead-up to Marvel’s Wolverine release date. Logan’s not the only Marvel hero making a scene, though. We’ve all been itching to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. After going silent since the game’s announcement trailer, it appears that marketing is finally picking up.

Along with the immense lineup of upcoming PS5 games, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release date is a game you won’t want to miss out on.