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Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty crossplay?

Get an overview of if Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is crossplay with our guide going on depth on this aspect of the multiplayer in the soulslike.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Crossplay: Multiple players can be seen fighting an enemy

Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty crossplay? With a full suite of multiplayer features at the ready to take on the Battlefields and bosses together with your friends, you may be wondering if they can join you from other platforms.

Below, you can find out if that is the case as you are playing through Wo Long Fallen Dynasty multiplayer. Multiplayer is just one way you can experience the game and there is a lot of synergy that can be incorporated into your builds with a good set of spells and weapons, as well as mastering Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s deflect.

Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty crossplay?

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty does have crossplay between the same family of consoles, but not across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

As described in the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty FAQ, crossplay is only available between PS5 and PS4, Steam alone, or between the Microsoft Store, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Of course, the slight outlier to the “same console family” rule is that the Xbox consoles and Microsoft Store share the same overall connection to your account. So, you can play with PC players using it, but not if they are using Steam.

While not ideal, it is at least better than no crossplay at all. We may see full crossplay implementation down the line, once Team Ninja has had a chance to work on post-launch patches. But, it isn’t a guarantee, so don’t hold out for it.

Now that you know everything about Wo Long Fallen Dynasty crossplay, check out our guide on all the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bosses you will fight either alone or with your friends. Be sure to come prepared with some of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty best spells as well.