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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty best spells guide

Become a wizardry whiz with our guide to the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty best spells to really enhance your build as you play through the game.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: A player can be seen using a spell

Team Ninja’s Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a stylish soulslike with its own ideas. If you’re just jumping into its sinister world, you’ll find there are many unique systems to get to grips with before you master the game’s combat. One important aspect is the use of the best Wo Long Fallen Dynasty spells, special magic attacks that can help you debuff and dominate tricky enemies.

Those who have unlocked the wizardry system may be looking for the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty best spells, so they can excel in battle and make the most of their spirit. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of our firm favourites from our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty review.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Spells

The best Wo Long Fallen Dynsaty spells are:

  • Poison Bubbles (Metal Phase level 1)
  • Enhanced Defence (Earth Phase level 2)
  • Absorb Vitality (Wood Phase Level 3)
  • Fireblast (Fire Phase Level 4)
  • Venomous Discharge (Metal Phase Level 5)
  • Elemental Plague (Metal Phase Level 9)
  • Spirit Fervor (Wood Phase Level 6)
  • Life Wither (Metal Phase Level 7)
  • Unseeable Form (Water Phase Level 8)
  • Guard Formation (Wood Phase Level 10)
  • Toxin Weapon (Metal Phase Level 12)
  • Bursting Fireball (Fire Phase Level 15)
  • Focus Zone (Wood Phase Level 20)

Much like the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty level-up system, Wizardry Spells in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty are tied to the five elemental phases — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each phase receives its own special skill tree of spells, accessible via the ‘Learn Wizardry Spells’ section of the ‘Wizardry Spells’ menu when resting at a Battle Flag. As players level up, they will receive a point for each tree at certain level milestones, to allocate as they see fit.

It’s worth noting the numerical values next to each spell before you unlock them. Let’s take the Metal Phase spell Venomous Discharge as an example. The ‘5’ next to the star icon is the rank you need in the associated phase (Metal) for it to function, and the ‘3’ in a red circle denotes the Morale Rank you need to use in combat. So you’ll need to consecutively defeat enemies until you reach Morale Rank three before you can use Venomous Discharge. Bear in mind that if you reach rank three and then dip below it, you will lose access to the spell.

The final number, ‘719’, is the spirit cost of the spell. This dictates how much negative spirit damage you’ll suffer when using it. Keep in mind how much certain spells drain your spirit — if you spam them and get caught off guard, one tiny attack from an enemy could stagger you, leaving you open to potentially fatal damage.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

You can set which Wizardry Spells you want to have available via the ‘Set Wizardry Spells’ submenu of the ‘Wizardry Spells’ Battle Flag menu. You can keep tabs on which of your spells are online via the Wizardry Spell diamond in the bottom right corner of the screen during combat. Press RT/R2 and the face buttons to use your spells. They will be greyed out if they’re unavailable.

Naturally, your loadout of Wizardry Spells will depend on your character build, the elements you’ve got levels in, and your playstyle, but we’ve rounded up some of our favourites below, across all the five phases.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Poison Bubbles

Metal Phase Level 1

In Wo Long, the best elemental spells are the ones you can throw overarm in an arcing pattern, as they have the greatest range, and don’t lock you into an animation. Poison Bubbles is a cheap and cheerful example of this, and like the other arcing attacks, fantastic for chipping at tough enemies from a distance, if you’re so inclined.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Enhanced Defence

Earth Phase Level 2

Enhanced Defence provides poise and bolsters your defence against attacks. With low requirements to activate, this is a great way to stay alive in boss battles in the early game.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Absorb Vitality

Wood Phase Level 3

Another solid early-game spell, Absorb Vitality allows you to drain HP from enemies by dealing damage. Perfect if you’re struggling at the start. After all, the offence is the best defence in Wo Long.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen


Fire Phase Level 4

This is an arcing fireball throw that explodes on impact. Perfect for getting an enemy’s attention, and dealing damage in the process.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Venomous Discharge

Metal Phase Level 5

Quick and deadly, Venomous Discharge turns a wide section of the floor in front of you into a poison bog that enemies can trigger by walking over. This is a simple, effective way to stack poison up close in the first few chapters.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Elemental Plague

Metal Phase Level 9

A super important spell through the early and mid-game, Elemental Plague increases status effect accumulation significantly, so is the perfect opening spell in a boss battle, and a great pairing alongside Venomous Discharge and Fireblast if you want to neuter the poise and power of tough enemies. I found it handy across the entire game, especially when combined with Divine Beast Tengshe, who boosts the speed of the debuff application.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Spirit Fervor

Wood Phase Level 6

Simple but effective, this passive spell boosts your spirit gain when you or your allies attack. This means you can maintain a positive spirit easier, and earn guard-breaking spirit attacks quicker.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Life Wither

Metal Phase Level 7

A dirty trick of a spell, this simple projectile attack makes the targeted enemy take more damage, making it very effective in conjunction with Focus Zone and arcing attacks.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Unseeable Form

Water Phase Level 8

This skill makes you invisible, which, in a game that focuses on exploration, is a massive boon. Use it to avoid unnecessary combat, get back to your lost Qi, or climb into favourable positions so that you can drop down on enemies with Fatal Strikes.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Guard Formation

Wood Phase Level 10

The big brother of Enhanced Defence, Guard Formation creates an area around you where you’ll take less damage. Perfect for close-quarters fights and best executed ahead of a massive boss combo.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Toxin Weapon

Metal Phase Level 12

The ‘X Weapon’ spells across all five phases activate very quickly and allow you to stack the associated debuff with ease. Gun for these as soon as possible, and pair them with a throwable spell so you’re always dealing in debuffs and creating chances to stagger enemies once they fill up.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Bursting Fireball

Fire Phase Level 15

The late-game equivalent of Fireblast, Bursting Fireball is similar but splits into multiple explosions in the air. Great for attacking groups of enemies and quickly stacking the burn status effect.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Seplls: the menu can be seen

Focus Zone

Wood Phase Level 20

The opposite of Guard Formation, Focus Zone creates a ring around you where you and your allies deal more damage. My Wizardry setup for most of Wo Long involved setting down a Focus Zone, activating Elemental Plague, then hurling Bursting Fireball and Venomous Discharge to stack Burns and Poison debuffs on enemies before I would go in for the kill.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty best spells, so that you can make the right choices and combinations when you get offered points to allocate. For more on Wo Long, check out our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty level up guide to help you boost through the ranks. You can also read more guides in our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty walkthrough article.