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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty level up, tips, how to level up fast

Find out how to climb the ranks quickly with our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty level up guide which is filled with tips to get your levelled up as fast as possible.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Level Up: The character can be seen

For those of you just getting started with Team Ninja’s Three Kingdoms souls-like, you may be looking for some Wo Long Fallen Dynasty level up tips so you can develop your character’s skills as quickly as possible. In this guide, we’re going to first show you how to level up in Wo Long.

Then we will offer some handy tips for levelling up that you can keep in mind throughout your playthrough as you work through the game’s campaign. With our help and tips from our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty review, you’ll be able to level up fast and climb through the ranks to become an unstoppable force against the Qi-corrupted hordes.

How to level up in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Players can level up in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty by resting at a planted Battle Flag (Wo Long’s equivalent to the bonfires of Dark Souls).

In the associated menu, choose ‘Level Up’ to be taken to a screen featuring a five-pointed star. As you work through Wo Long’s levels, defeated enemies will drop Genuine Qi, the key currency that allows you to level up.

Each star in the menu is associated with one of the Five Phases — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each phase offers different statistical benefits for your character, and a higher level in an individual phase will allow you to access more of its associated spells, which are accessible from the Wizardry Spells Battle Flag menu. Certain level milestones provide you with five points to allocate across the Wizardry Spell skill trees as you are choosing the best Wo Long Fallen Dynasty spells.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Level Up: The level up screen can be seen

If you want to reset your character build, you need to be far enough into the story to unlock the ‘In the Hidden Village’ hub area, located in the ‘Other’ section on Wo Long’s world map. From where you spawn, head inside the nearby hut and talk to Zuo Ci to ‘Reset Parameters’. Thankfully, Ci is a merciful fellow, and there is no cost for this action.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty level up tips and how to level up fast

Watch the counter

You can tell when you’re ready to level up in Wo Long by checking the Genuine Qi counter at the bottom left of the screen. When players reach the amount needed to level up, this UI asset will turn gold, indicating that you’ve earned enough to warrant a new level. Making a habit of keeping an eye on this counter is going to help you in the long run. You might be on a confidence-boosting killing spree in any given mission, but if it starts flashing, it’s best to bank your Qi before you make a mistake and lose it all.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Level Up: A battle flag can be seen

Explore thoroughly for Qi Clots and Fragments

There are precious few ways to actually earn Qi in Wo Long beyond defeating enemies, but the main way to boost your intake is by finding Qi Clots and Fragments. These are pickup items of varying qualities that you can press R2 to collect. As a rule, you should definitely pick up everything that defeated enemies drop, and it’s worth exploring each level to completion before you tackle the boss so that you don’t miss them.

When crushed in the Inventory menu, Qi Clots and Fragments offer bursts of Genuine Qi in the hundreds and thousands. I found that it’s best to keep them until you’re right at the edge of your level up criteria, and then crunch them to tip it over and gain a rank.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Level Up: The vendor can be seen

Play the optional Sub Battlefields

As well as the ‘Main Battlefield’ missions, you’ll gradually unlock Sub Battlefields in each of Wo Long’s chapters. These are optional, but eventually become essential as you hit level gates for main missions. Naturally, the other benefit to playing these missions is that they’re a great, often quick way to farm Genuine Qi. Carving your way through a few Sub Battlefields when you’re close to your level up criteria is a great way to jump up the ranks quickly.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Level Up: The map can be seen

Replay missions

Playing through the Sub Battlefields constitutes an extra way to earn Qi without repeating yourself in Wo Long, but there is also the option to replay Main Battlefield missions to farm Genuine Qi. You shouldn’t need to do this in the scope of general progression, as the side missions should cover it, but it’s worth doing if you’re really keen for that level up but you’re just shy of the criteria.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Level Up: The map can be seen

Find a farming area

Another way to maximise your Qi collection is to leverage your dominion over a certain section of the game. I’ve found that if I’ve figured out how to take down every enemy in sequence in an area around a Battle Flag, I might embark on a few quick runs of it, resting in between, to boost my Qi. Worth a shot if you’re still looking for more after following the rest of the tips.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Level Up: a farming area can be seen

With that, you should have all of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty level up tips you need to become a martial arts master in no time. For more on Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, check out our guide outlying the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty multiplayer. You can also check out our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty walkthrough for even more guides like explaining how the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Morale Rank works.