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How to deflect in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - deflect explained

The ultimate trick to learn in this action role playing game is the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty deflect move, which will save you in almost all encounters.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty deflect: Character deflecting an attack from enemy invader in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty isn’t an easy game, and you’ll want to master the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty deflect move to be able to stand a chance against the enemies within this dark fantasy world. Fortunately, this move is an essential part of your toolkit, and you learn it fairly soon.

We spent a lot of time learning this move during our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty review, so this guide will teach you how to deflect. Another essential part of the game is by finding out how to heal in Wo Long Dynasty. This way you can survive the evil creatures you’ll come up against. However, if you’re looking to master deflect, look no further.

How to deflect in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

You can deflect in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty by pressing Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox when an enemy attack is about to connect.

Be careful not to double-press it, as this counts as a dodge instead. Timing is essential with deflecting in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. There’s a certain window of time when an attack from an enemy almost lands on you, and you’ll need to press the deflect button just before this. If you get it right, an animation will play where you avoid taking damage.

If you find that you can’t deflect, despite the fact that you’re pressing the deflect button at the right time, you may be over the weight limit. Strangely, you can still move and dodge perfectly when over the limit, but you cannot deflect. You’ll need to switch to some lighter armour or increase the Earth Virtue stat to increase your maximum weight limit.

That’s how to deflect in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. If the game is still too challenging, it may be worth finding out how to play Wo Long Fallen Dynasty multiplayer, but if you’re ready to take on the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bosses, you should take them on.