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Does Wild Hearts have microtransactions?

The grind is real as you hunt plenty of dangerous Kemono for their materials, so you may be wondering if Wild Hearts has microtransactions to speed things up.

Does Wild Hearts have microtransactions: Hunter looking at a Kingtusk in Wild Hearts

The dangerous land of Azuma is filled with terrifying things, but does Wild Hearts have microtransactions, possibly one of the scariest things in gaming? It seems ridiculous for a hunting game to have microtransactions, but Monster Hunter Rise features some small premium cosmetics, so it’s no surprise you’re wondering about Wild Hearts.

Since the Wild Hearts character customisation is pretty extensive, and there’s Wild Hearts multiplayer co-op too, you’ll want to dress to impress whenever you take on any of the Wild Hearts monsters. But can you open your wallet and buy any premium cosmetics or purchase materials for an easier experience?

Does Wild Hearts have microtransactions?

Fortunately, Wild Hearts does not feature any form of microtransactions. Koei Temco and EA also confirmed this information prior to launch.

Not only is there no microtransactions within the game, but there’s plenty of post-launch free content that will bring you back into the game in the future. However, if that hasn’t sold you, you can always check out the Wild Hearts demo if you want to give the game a try.

Of course, they could always add some form of microtransaction with an update down the line, but it seems fairly unlikely right now. There could be a premium expansion, similar to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, in the future. And we hope this is the case, since Wild Hearts has a lot to love.

Now you know that Wild Hearts microtransactions are non-existent, you can go hunt some Kemono with your friends, which is even easier thanks to Wild Hearts crossplay being available.