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Is Wild Hearts on EA Play Pro?

For those wanting to become a Kemono hunter, you may be wondering whether Wild Hearts is on EA Play Pro as part of your subscription.

Is Wild Hearts on EA Play Pro: Hunters overlooking the landscape in Wild Hearts

All hunters are welcome to take on the vicious Kemono in the land of Azuma, but some of you are likely wondering if Wild Hearts is on EA Play Pro. Of course, playing a new game is always exciting, but playing it as part of your ongoing subscription is even better.

Since Wild Hearts isn’t on Game Pass, it is safe to worry that you may not get access with EA Play Pro. While the Wild Hearts monsters will be waiting for you regardless, experiencing the latest Monster Hunter competitor without paying the full price upfront would be a great opportunity.

Is Wild Hearts on EA Play Pro?

Yes, the full Wild Hearts experience is available as part of the EA Play Pro subscription and doesn’t require a separate purchase.

Unfortunately, the EA Play Pro subscription is only available on PC via the EA App, so you can’t start an active subscription on consoles. However, those on PC with EA Play Pro can start playing alongside those in the Wild Hearts demo.

It’s a great time to be a fan of the monster hunting genre of games, and Wild Hearts is taking on the great Monster Hunter series head-on. Prepare your ancient Karakuri for a difficult challenge, and make sure your subscription doesn’t lapse, as the Wild Hearts length looks like it could take you plenty of hours to finish.

Now you know that Wild Hearts is on EA Play Pro, you can dive into the full experience from Koei Tecmo and EA. Fortunately, if you haven’t got friends on PC, you can experience Wild Hearts crossplay with those on current-gen platforms. However, Wild Hearts isn’t on Xbox One or PS4 for those on last-gen.