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Wild Hearts how to build and create a Bulwark

If there’s any pesky Kemono charging after you or unleashing attacks, finding out how to build a Bulwark in Wild Hearts could come in handy.

Wild Hearts how to build a Bulwark: Hunters fighting a Deathstalker in Wild Hearts

The Karakuri is a valuable tool for any hunters in Azuma, allowing you to create some incredible contraptions, so you should also learn how to build a Bulwark in Wild Hearts. This blockade-like structure is capable of protecting from some devastating Kemono attacks, and is essential to coming back from any successful hunt.

Many of the Wild Hearts monsters are larger than you, much larger. While the Wild Hearts weapons can carve away at any dangerous creatures, protecting yourself is equally important. Whether you’re playing the Wild Hearts demo or the full experience, here’s how to build one of the best contraptions in the early game.

Wild Hearts how to build a Bulwark

You can build a Bulwark in Wild Hearts by creating two columns of three Karakuri crates side-by-side, which will then change into a Bulwark.

You’ll learn this during the Kingtusk hunt, which is early on in the main story. It’s an incredibly useful Karakuri for any Kemono that is charging at you, capable of throwing them off and making them vulnerable. However, it can also be used to jump off of, similar to standard crates, and can protect you from some dangerous attacks.

Since it isn’t a Dragon Karakuri, this contraption can be destroyed and won’t be rebuilt automatically. So, you’ll have to use six Karakuri Threads every time. But it is certainly worth using, and one that has protected us from dying multiple times.

That’s how to build a Bulwark in Wild Hearts. You’ll need to learn this, as plenty of deaths will only add to the Wild Hearts length, which is said to already be 50 hours on its own. Fortunately, you can call on your friends on other platforms to come hunt, as Wild Hearts crossplay is available in Wild Hearts multiplayer co-op.