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Riot Games’ Valorant Premier open beta start date revealed with FAQ

Riot Games' Valorant Premier Global Open Beta is starting soon and the FPS' developer has detailed what players looking to go pro should expect from this mode.

Valorant Premier open beta start date faq: an image of an agent from Riot Games' FPS

If you’re a Valorant player looking for a way to up your game and (maybe) try your hand at pro play, then Valorant Premier is for you. Pitched by Riot Games’ lead producer Laura La Vito as a “team-based competitive system”, this is going to be a fantastic opportunity for players to explore a more competitive experience in Valorant. Despite claims that the Valorant Premier mode open beta was a “couple of months” away, it looks like you won’t have to wait as long as you thought to check this new system out; the Valorant Premier Global Open Beta start date has just dropped, and it’s soon.

As you will be able to see for yourself in the following video, the Valorant Premier Global Open Beta is due to start on April 25. Lasting until May 23, this beta testing period will see a full cycle of  Valorant Premier tested – from Enrollment to the final Playoff Tournament.

This Premier Stage is going to be shorter than usual, which Riot Games has revealed are planned to last a full Valorant act, but it will feature everything players should expect to see in Premier’s full release later in the year. That means you’ll need to enroll in a team (or create your own), play through a series of weekly matches, and then compete in the final tournament to win.

Thanks to this Valorant Premier Global Open Beta FAQ, we know that no match and team history will transfer from the beta – so, don’t worry if you haven’t sorted out who you’re playing with just yet. However, you still need to complete eligibility steps to access the beta testing. This means you need to verify your account through SMS verification and be playing on an account that has finished placement matches at some point during Valorant’s lifetime.

You can also only join one team per account. So, while there’s no restrictions when it comes to Valorant’s ranks, you should consider who you plan to play with carefully. Once the weekly matches begin, you won’t be able to change rosters if it affects the division.

Want a run-down from Riot Games itself? Check out the clip below:

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Valorant Premier could be game-changing for this FPS and solidify it as one of the best competitive FPS games out there. However, this is going to be a beta – so, it’s going to be worth preparing for things to be a little rough at first.

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