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Valorant Lock In Capsule introduces slick new melee to tactical FPS

Riot Games has just revealed the new Lock In Capsule, a cosmetics bundle celebrating the upcoming Lock In tournament, and it introduces a very nice knife.

Riot Games’ Valorant doesn’t do Agent skins, but the other cosmetics it introduces always go hard; you’ll be pleased to know that this statement is still true of the brand new Valorant Lock In Capsule – a cosmetics bundle being released to celebrate the upcoming Lock In tournament. In a similar fashion to other live service multiplayer games like Overwatch 2 and Warzone 2, Valorant is giving players a chance to support the Valorant esports team they love with cosmetics microtransactions. However, the Lock In Capsule also includes a new melee that’s catching everyone’s eye.

Available from February 8 until March 7, the Valorant Lock In Capsule is a limited-time bundle that includes three region-themed cards (Americas, EMEA, and Pacific) alongside a Raze-themed spray and the new Misericórdia melee.

This new melee will be available in four different colours, each one representing either an aforementioned region or the Valorant Champions Tour itself. Riot Games has also confirmed that any earnings from this bundle will be split 50-50 with all 30 partnered teams. So, that means each team will recieve approximately 1.67% of all revenues – which we can imagine is a little more than it sounds.

If you’re looking for a new melee cosmetic and you want to support your favourite Valorant esports team – if they’re one of the partnered ones, anyway – you can pick up these cosmetics soon. There’s no information on how much the Valorant Lock In Capsule will cost just yet.

However, you can check out everything that comes in the cosmetics bundle below for yourself:

We don’t know about you, but we think this is one of the slickest-looking melee cosmetics we’ve seen so far – and we certainly think anyone at the top of the Valorant agent tier list would look good wielding it.

However, we can’t say for certain that this is going to help you climb the Valorant ranks. So, while we wait for Valorant replays (which are “in development”) and the next set of Valorant patch notes, we’ll just have to make sure we’re using the best Valorant crosshair and practice our aim.