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Valorant replays are “in development”, says executive producer

Among a number of features that are expected to arrive in Riot Games' hit FPS game, Valorant replays are perhaps the most anticipated.

Valorant replays: Cypher

The Valorant replays system is finally in the works, according to the FPS game’s executive producer Anna Donlon.

Taking to Twitter to add further details to the recently-released ‘Look Ahead’ dev diary, Donlon says that Valorant developer Riot Games has “much more in development” than what was shown in the video. This includes the aforementioned replay system – an invaluable tool for those climbing the Valorant ranks – “new server locations, and mode updates”.

Though there is no set date for when replays will arrive – Donlon herself says features like these are seldom announced in this way out of concern that the studio will “over-promise” – players can rest assured in the knowledge that replays are actually going to materialise.

It’s been a long road to replays so far. Back in July 2020’s ‘Ask Valorant #3’ Q&A, lead producer Steven Eldredge (then senior producer) initially noted the studio’s interest in exploring a replay feature.

In May 2022, it appeared that the feature had been scrapped, with Eldredge returning to say that Riot had “no plan” to release it as of then. After receiving backlash from the community, Riot’s director of production, Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, clarified that replays were still on the table, but were “taking longer” than the studio wanted.

Replays may still be a way off, but at the very least there are signs of life.