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Valorant’s Harbor disabled from competitive queue due to ultimate bug

Valorant players won't be seeing Harbor in their Competitive games anytime soon, due to a new ultimate bug that has made developer Riot Games lock him away

Valorant Harbor disabled ultimate bug: Harbor on Breeze

Valorant developer Riot Games has announced that its latest agent, Harbor, will not be available in the FPS game’s competitive mode for the foreseeable future. The news comes as the result of a new bug wreaking havoc on the servers.

“Harbor’s ultimate ability is creating unintentional lag spikes in some cases”, the post from Valorant’s official Twitter account reads. “We’re disabling the Agent in Competitive queue for now. Stay posted for any updates.”

Harbor was originally released back on Valorant patch 5.08, though the aquatic Controller’s launch was not necessarily smooth. On patch 5.09, a bug that left gaping holes in his (E) High Tide ability was fixed.

Though we’re not quite sure how an agent’s ability causes chaos on the networking side of things, we can imagine based on the announcement that it won’t be a quick fix. Additionally, it’s unclear whether or not the bug affects the game’s Unrated and featured game modes, so it’s probably best to steer clear of picking him until the issue has been resolved.

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