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Valorant patch 5.09 notes bring more fixes to Harbor in latest update

The Valorant update 5.09 patch notes include Harbor bug fixes, among other efforts to ensure Riot Games' popular FPS game is working the way it should be

Valorant patch 5.09 notes Harbor bug fixes: Harbor

Valorant update 5.09 patch notes have finally arrived, and developer Riot Games has kept tweaks to the popular FPS game to a bare minimum – so minimal are the changes, in fact, that bug fixes are all players will be getting this time around. Fortunately, the upcoming update also includes fixes for new agent Harbor.

According to the free shooting game’s patch notes, a bug which meant Harbor’s (E) High Tide “would have large gaps when cast in specific map locations” has been squashed. Redditors ‘_Noto_’ and ‘GMJizzy’ both flagged the issue in the Valorant sub’s ‘Valorant 5.08 Bug Megathread’, so it appears that Riot is once again taking note of community feedback.

You can check out what the bug looked like from their examples below.

This looks to have been a similar issue to a known bug with Harbor’s (C) Cascade, whereby the ability doesn’t interact with certain flooring properly – especially if cast below the floor – causing them to droop. YouTuber ‘My Name is Kris!!!’ has some thoughts on why this may be happening. It remains to be seen if the logic fix to (E) High Tide will also affect and cleanse this bug.

Meanwhile, Riot has also fixed a bug where Harbor’s (X) Reckoning’s geysers “would not spawn on the area where the player was standing.” So watch out for those as you head into your upcoming Valorant ranked games.

Finally, the patch notes for Harbor make note of a couple of hotfixes that were already shipped during patch 5.08, including a bug where (C) Cascade would “sometimes disappear when looking away from it”, and one where walking through the (Q) Cove barrier “was not blinding players at the intended distance”.

You can check out the full list of changes for the new update over on our Valorant patch notes guide.