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This rare Valorant achievement has been completed by just 7 players

Ahead of Riot's next major Valorant update, the developer has revealed that only 7 players in the entire world have completed every single battle pass so far.

Valorant complete Battle passes 7 players: an image of Astra and Yoru from the FPS

Riot Games’ next major Valorant update is on the way and with it comes a rather interesting feature tired to the long-awaited progression update: the Accessory Shop. Here, you’ll be able to unlock old battle pass content with a new free currency, Kingdom Credits, that you unlock through daily challenges. In preparation for this, Riot Games sent out an FAQ with a press release on the update that revealed that seven Valorant players “in the entire world” have finished every single battle pass so far. With this being one of the best competitive FPS games out there, this really is shocking – right?

Well, it is when you think about it. It’s an incredible achievement, really. We’re just about to enter our 19th Act of Valorant, meaning there’s technically 18 battle passes-worth of content out there for new players to unlock. The fact that seven of you have been able to complete every single battle pass so far really is remarkable.

If you’re wondering why Riot Games is revealing this information, though, and why it matters, it’s all because the Accessory Store is actually populated with old battle pass content.

You won’t be able to get any Valorant weapon skins here, but you will find that this storefront will have a random selection of Player Cards, Gun Buddies, Sprays, and Titles from every single previous battle pass – bar the last three and the current one (of course). They’re going to be rotated in during future Acts to keep things fresh.

We know it sounds a little unbelievable that only seven players have done that, though. So, if you want what Riot Games said verbatim in the FAQ press release, we have it below. When answering the prospective question of “what if I own everything in the Accessory store already?” Riot Games responded with the following:

“If you own every piece of content from all of our prior Battle Passes (fun fact: there are seven of you in the entire world who fit in this scenario and will therefore have an empty Accessory Store! Thank you for supporting Valorant!), then you can only spend you Kingdom Credits to unlock Agents and Agent Gear you’re missing”.

Sadly, Riot Games hasn’t revealed who has actually done this – but, we suppose it’s only a matter of time until we find out. The next update, and the introduction of the Accessory Store is right around the corner.

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So, if you’re sitting there come the Episode 7 release date and you’re wondering why your Accessory Store is empty, it might just be because you’re one of the seven players who has unlocked everything this game has to offer. Whether you have spent that trying to climb the Valorant ranks, or working on your own Valorant Agent tier list in unrated, you’re still someone who has achieved something truly remarkable.

If, though, you’re one of the thousands upon thousands of other people who haven’t done that, you’re actually the lucky ones. Why? Well, because you can actually earn and spend your Kingdom Credits on cosmetics you missed out on. The storefront itself is going to update once a week and should be unique to everyone – as it’s based on what you have unlocked already, and it won’t show duplicates.

The one thing that’s worth remembering is that this is a non-refundable transaction, so spend your Kingdom Credits carefully. That being said, you can unlock more every day – so, it isn’t the end of the world if you pick something up you don’t like. Exploring the new Valorant Team Deathmatch maps is going to be a great way of earning XP and unlocking more Kingdom Credits. You can check out this trailer for the new TDM mode below:

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If you want to prepare yourself for the new update, we recommend giving your crosshair settings a refresh – and checking your Valorant FOV is correct – before jumping in next. TDM is going to be fast and furious, so you’ll want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible. If you want skins, though, and you’re annoyed the Accessory Store won’t have them, you can keep track of the Night Market right here.