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Valorant 6.08 update Killjoy nerf makes Nanoswarm spotting easier

Alongside a balance tweak to Nanoswarm, the Valorant 6.08 update has a number of audiovisual changes in store for a number of the FPS game's agents.

Valorant 6.08 Killjoy nerf: Killjoy and Gekko

The Valorant patch notes are finally in, and a fresh Valorant 6.08 Killjoy nerf is in among the latest changes coming to developer Riot Games’ hit FPS game as we enter Episode 6 Act 3. The agent is also among those receiving updates to ability audiovisuals, while the Shorty is also set to receive a visual update.

According to the Valorant patch notes, the main change for Killjoy comes in the form of an increase in the reveal radius of her Nanoswarm, which has been increased from 350 to 525. Riot says that this change has been made “to better match its area of damage and make it more realistic for enemies that are moving methodically to track them down.” Additionally, Nanoswarm is now revealed when disabled.

In terms of audiovisual tweaks, Nanoswarm joins Killjoy’s other abilities in getting a clarity pass. Riot notes that the yellow warning indicator added to Lockdown last patch has been removed, “as it was too noisy on screen for the full duration of her ultimate winding up.” Brimstone, Gekko, and Omen have received similar updates to some of their own abilities.

The final visual change to note this patch is an upgrade to a number of Shorty models. Riot says this is “to get them up to par visually” with the rest of the game’s weapons. While they may look slightly swankier now, the studio affirms that “there will be no gameplay changes” – rats, you can breathe easily.

Valorant 6.08 Killjoy nerf: change graphic

Elsewhere in the patch, Bind is finally set to make its return to the Valorant ranks. Making way for the latest of the Valorant maps to be revamped is Icebox.

While the Valorant 6.08 update isn’t particularly spicy in terms of tweaks outside of the map pool change, it at least means you won’t have to swot up too much before hopping back into the Radiant grind.