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Valorant 6.03 update patch notes bring nerfs for Killjoy and Raze

The Valorant 6.03 update patch notes are finally here, and developer Riot Games is working to bring overperformers back inline with the rest of the agents.

Valorant 6.03 update patch notes Killjoy Raze nerfs: Killjoy

Following the demise of Chamber and the rejigging of Valorant’s map pool, the popular FPS Game’s meta has shaken up in a big way – most notably Killjoy’s rise to prominence in recent patches. Now, developer Riot Games is knocking her down a peg in the Valorant 6.03 update patch notes. Oh, and Raze is joining her on the chopping block, too.

According to the studio, Killjoy initially escaped the ”systemic damage and health interactions” tweaks back in version 5.12 of the Valorant patch notes. As she is currently dominating the Valorant ranks – and our Valorant tier list by extension – Riot feels that now is the time to decrease the health of her turret from 125 to 100.

Additionally, it will now cost one more ultimate point to use Killjoy’s Lockdown, with Riot citing the high frequency with which it can be deployed as the driving factor for the nerf.

Raze, meanwhile, has enjoyed a premier spot on the tier lists recently thanks in-part to the fact she is so versatile as a Duelist. While she can still be creative with her satchels, Riot is instead targeting the recon efficacy of her Boom Bot. “We feel the duration of Boom Bot has led to a larger recon footprint than we felt was healthy”, Riot says. As such, Boom Bot’s duration has been halved from 10 seconds to five seconds

While the patch overall isn’t the biggest Riot’s rolled out by any means, the changes made could help other agents find a place in the current meta.