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Only 230 perfect League of Legends Worlds Pick’ems remain

230 League of Legends fans have predicted every Worlds 2020 Pick'em correctly so far

A modest 230 League of Legends fans remain with perfect Worlds Pick’ems as the competition heads into the semi-finals. At the start of the quarter-finals, 574 participants went in with perfect predictions, and the number was quickly cut down to size after the two intense matches.

With Top Esports being the favourite to win over Fnatic, only 21 people were knocked out when Top Esports took the 3-2 win. Then after a solid 3-0 quarter-final win for G2 against Gen.G over half of the remaining participants were knocked out, leaving us with the lucky few 230 players heading into the semi-finals.

Compared to the 34 people who predicted correctly going into the semi-finals last year, 230 doesn’t seem so bad. But despite the number appearing high in comparison to 2019, the remainder equates to only 0.0047% of Pick’ems participants. This tiny percentage is still in with a chance of winning the grand prize: an exclusive Alienware Aurora Battlestation and five tasty champion skins.

701 people managed the outstandingly dismal feat of getting every single Pick’em wrong this year, and last year there was only one grand prize winner which shows how hard it is to maintain your perfect streak.

You only have a couple of hours to lock in your semi-final Pick’ems, so get in there quick for a chance at winning the grand prize.