Only one person got a perfect LoL Worlds Pick’em

The winner was an EU West player who's tough decision to vote against G2 paid off

League of Legends Worlds

There was just a single League of Legends fan who managed to correctly predict every result at Worlds 2019.

The owner of the perfect Pick’em is Last Breath, an EU West player, who was one of just three people to have a perfect Pick’em heading into the final between G2 and FunPlus Phoenix. Last Breath was the only one of the three to go with FPX and as a result became the only person with a perfect prediction record. Last Breath will now be rewarded with all of the ultimate skins available in League of Legends.

The mystic LoL fan also held an AMA on Reddit following the final to talk about how they had managed to correctly predict every game. One person asked why they had gone for FPX over G2, who most were tipping for the victory. “I knew they were the best team in the tournament, 100% sandbagged the group stage,” Last Breath replied.

When questioned about how many of his guesses were educated and how many were just down to luck, Last Breath said: “I follow all regions apart from a few of the WC regions. So from that I made an educated guess but it always depends on who shows up on the day and who doesn’t. Wasn’t expecting a 3-0 final though, [that] wasn’t in the script.”

The master-predictor also stated that the skins were a “nice bonus” but that the glory of getting a perfect Pick’em is what motivated them more.

On the other end of the spectrum to Last Breath, there were over 17,000 LoL players who managed to get every one of their predictions wrong during Worlds. Maybe they should take a look at Last Breath’s AMA to pick up some tips for next years Worlds in China.