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701 League of Legends fans have got every Worlds 2020 Pick’em wrong so far

701 League of Legends fans have got every Worlds 2020 Pick'em wrong so far

Less than one percent of players have managed the seemingly impossible and got every single Pick’em for the League of Legends Worlds group stage wrong. 701 people have managed this outstandingly dismal feat so far, which is 0.022% of competitors. But there is still plenty of time for players to redeem themselves with the quarter-finals beginning on October 15.

As of right now, 3,050 participants, which is over four times the amount of people with completely wrong Pick’ems, have a currently perfect selection. These players are well on their way to picking up some of the fantastic prizes included in this year’s pool such as the Pick’em Poro forecaster summoner icon and the Pick’em Poro prophet summoner icon. The perfect pick prize this year is an exclusive Alienware Aurora Battlestation that many fans are dying to get their hands on.

To put these statistics into perspective, during last years Worlds, only one person managed to get a perfect Pick’em, and even hosted a Reddit AMA to discuss his achievement. In contrast, a massive 17,000 League of Legends players got their Worlds 2019 Pick’ems completely wrong.

With a relatively predictable group stage this year, its no surprise the amount of fans getting their Pick’ems entirely wrong is far lower than it was in 2019.

If you are wanting to get involved with the LoL Worlds 2020 Pick’ems, check out the official website!