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Are there classes in Throne and Liberty?

Find out how the Throne and Liberty classes work and the unique system for it NCSoft has built into the expansive MMO on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Throne and Liberty classes: A figure can be seen

What are the Throne and Liberty classes? This expansive MMO is paving the way with its console and PC launch simultaneously and NCSoft, the team behind it, is innovating the traditional formula of the genre in a number of exciting ways. One of those is the unique approach to classes which focuses on flexibility, customization, and player choice over locking players into a role.

With the Throne and Liberty release date fast approaching, you will want to know what to expect from its class system to give you a headstart. That way you can jump in, pick a build that suits you, and get started on grinding.

Throne and Liberty classes explained

Throne and Liberty does not have traditional classes. Instead, the MMO is class-less and you can pick any weapon and combine it with any set of abilities and skills, creating an impressively flexible system that offers something fresh for the genre.

In an interview with ‘vhpg‘, Ahn Jong-ok from NCSoft said that “in group play, it is possible to discuss and share the roles of tank, deal, and heal, but there is no official class. Depending on your weapon choice, you can fight in the style you want. The longer the weapon is used, the more proficiency is accumulated and the related skill increases. Basically, you play while holding two weapons and swapping them, and depending on the weapon, the skill set also changes.”

This gives you a solid idea of how you will progress and become more proficient with your weapon and skills. This has been one of the main differences between this and other MMOs, in that you have a lot of freedom to craft builds and customize your own character. We still have a lot to see of the game before it releases in the West, so we will be able to update this section as and when we see more.

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What defines your playstyle in Throne and Liberty?

As mentioned, your weapon choice defines your playstyle the most in Throne and Liberty, alongside classes. The weapons are:

  • Bow
  • Great Sword
  • Dual Daggers
  • Wand and Tome
  • Staff
  • Sword and Shield
  • Long Sword
  • Crossbow
  • One-Handed Crossbow
  • Hatchet

As you would expect, a lot of these weapons play how they sound. There are good ranged and close-up melee options that you can use, with spells too if that is your play style. We haven’t seen much about how these work in the Western release of the game yet, but with the MMO set to launch soon, we should see more before long.

Throne and Liberty is one of our most anticipated upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox games. Especially with no Throne and Liberty classes, we are excited to see what NCSoft is able to do with a big-budget console MMO in the hopes that this becomes one of the best MMOs around.