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How to unlock and purchase cars quickly in The Crew Motorfest

If you are looking to bolster your car collection, here’s how to achieve a multitude of motors fast with tips on how to unlock cars in The Crew Motorfest.

The Crew Motorfest Unlock Cars: A jeep can be seen

How can you unlock cars quickly in The Crew Motorfest? It’s all about the money, money, money in The Crew Motorfest on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC. Cars don’t come free in life and they certainly don’t come free in the game, so if you’re looking to build up your bank to spend it in order to purchase The Crew Motorfest cars and vehicles then you’re in the right place.

As you explore and race your way across the island of O’ahu, you’ll no doubt be eager to do it in style. While some of the extensive The Crew Motorfest cars are unlocked during gameplay, others you’ll have to part with some cool cash to secure them as part of your collection. Whether it’s completing playlists, chasing feats, or completing events, we’ve got the top tips for unlocking and purchasing cars quickly.

How to unlock and purchase cars quickly in The Crew Motorfest

You can unlock and purchase cars quickly in The Crew Motorfest by:

  • Completing Playlists
  • Repeating the Hawaii Scenic Tour and Liberty Walk Playlists
  • Complete Escape events

So, in order to purchase cars in The Crew Motorfest, you’ll need Bucks or XP. The fastest way to obtain these is by completing the Playlists. There are 15 of them, all capable of earning you some much-needed cash and progressing you through the game.

The Crew Motorfest Unlock Cars: The Playlist menu can be seen

If you’re smart, there are some better choices when it comes to Playlist selection as they offer faster, shorter races which will earn you as much XP/Bucks as longer races, sometimes more. While you can browse the playlists and events yourself to find out, we’ve put in the hard work for you.

The two playlists boasting the best payouts in The Crew Motorfest are the Hawaii Scenic Tour and Liberty Walk. You’ll need to complete the Made in Japan playlist to unlock Liberty Walk, but you’ll earn more bucks by doing that so it’s all worthwhile.

For the Hawaii Scenic Tour, there are nine events to complete, for which you’ll receive an extra cash bonus when completing all of them. But, in completing each event in the playlist, you can earn yourself a grand total of 234,375 to spend at your leisure.

For Liberty Walk, there are ten events totaling 255,750. The best part? Playlists can be replayed meaning you can race again and again and again and receive the same cash reward each time.


Additionally, upon completion of playlists, you’ll unlock new cars and by completing the playlists, as previously mentioned, you’ll earn Bucks. But, spend them wisely as you’ll want to focus firstly on purchasing the cars that in turn unlock the playlists.

The Crew Motorfest Unlock Cars: The car purchasing menu can be seen

Here’s a list of the playlists and the required car purchase to unlock them:

  • Vintage Garage: 30,000 – Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
  • Off-roading Addict: 160,000 – KTM 525 XC (Race Spec)
  • Drift Experience: 200,000 – 2016 Drift Edition Nissan 270Z NISMO
  • Ocean’n Sky: 250,000 – Proto WR1
  • Automobili Lamborghini: 400,000 – Lamborghini Miura SV
  • Bike Lovers: 400,000 – KTM RC16 Red Bull Team
  • Electric Odyssey: 450,000 – Porsche Taycan Turbo S
  • Motorsports: 800,000 – IVORY-TOWER IVT AGP R-07
  • Dream Cars: 1,000,000 – Lamborghini EGOISTA

While you may be keen to jump into a certain playlist, it’ll be more worthwhile if you unlock the playlists that cost less in-game credits first. Then, when you’ve earned the credits, spend them on unlocking the next playlist and so on.

The Crew Motorfest Unlock Cars: The credit purchasing menu can be seen

Another great way to make money fast is the Escape events found around O’ahu. Each successful escape earns you over 2,000 Bucks. That may not sound like a lot, but given they’re incredibly fast to do over a period of time they can make you very rich. Escape events are generated across O’ahu giving you an allotted amount of time to reach a certain distance away from the red circle chasing you on the map. Reach it and the money’s yours. You also don’t have to seek out more Escape events on the map as you can continue to retry the same route each time for multiple payouts.

The Crew Motorfest Unlock Cars: A race can be seen

You’ll also be able to transfer the cars you previously owned in The Crew 2 over to The Crew Motorfest using the Collection Import feature. You can opt to do this at any time, but once you’ve done it it’s irreversible.

That’s everything we know on how to unlock and purchase cars in The Crew Motorfest. If all that wisdom has got you riled up to pursue even more speedy endeavors, why not check out our guides to the best racing games of 2023, the best PS5 racing games, and the best Xbox racing games to play?