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The Crew Motorfest release date, gameplay, more

Get ready to drive the roads of a brand new tropical destination, in some amazing cars and vehicles, when The Crew Motorfest release date arrives.

The Crew Motorfest Release Date: A car can be seen

When is The Crew Motorfest release date? It’s about time we got to feel the breeze in our virtual hair again, and it’s looking like we can do just that when The Crew Motorfest release date rolls around. It has been almost five years since we last got to experience The Crew series with the release of The Crew 2, and we’re pretty excited to drive the open roads again.

With The Crew Motorfest coming up to the finish line, we’re hoping it is one of the best upcoming Xbox Series X games. Or better yet, one of the best upcoming PS5 games, especially if a PSVR 2 update comes alongside it (we can dream). If you’re hoping to get set and rev that engine soon, here’s what to expect.

The Crew Motorfest release date

The Crew Motorfest release date is Thursday, September 14, 2023, and will be coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Three days early access is also available to those who buy the special editions. The date was announced at the Ubisoft Forward Showcase 2023 in a new gameplay trailer.

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As confirmed at Gamescome Opening Night Live 2023, you’ll be able to trial the game for five hours between September 14, 2023 and September 17, 2023, to see if it’s the racing game for you.

Unlike the previous game in the series, The Crew Motorfest is breaking the tradition of being a numbered sequel and going for a more modern revamp of the brand.

The Crew Motorfest gameplay

As seen in the reveal trailer, The Crew Motorfest looks to be a direct competitor to Forza Horizon by bringing back an open-world racing experience. Leaked gameplay appears to show it doing this better than the previous games, however.

The showcase at Ubisoft Forward 2023 also gave us a big look at what we can expect, confirming some of the details seen in the leaked gameplay, which we highlight below.

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That leaked gameplay, which has now been removed, showcased an impressively large map that had a diverse set of locales. These included a number of cities, winding country roads, beaches, coastlines, and large mountains and hilltops. Within this map, there were side objectives, Forza Horizon-style mini-games, and events and races, like slalom gates and time trials. Visually the game looked much better than The Crew 2, with textures being significantly improved, and the instant vehicle switching looking smoother.

The Crew Motorfest is taking place on the Hawaiian Island of O’ahu. Looks like the roads of paradise are free for us to explore in The Crew Motorfest cars! You can see the teaser trailer below.

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We also expect a variety of popular car brands to make an appearance in Motorfest, alongside some supercars for those who want to get their hands on the best cars in The Crew Motorfest.

That’s everything we know about The Crew Motorfest release date and the game itself. For fans of the series, this is certainly great news. If you’re looking to get behind another steering wheel for the time being, make sure to check out the best PS5 racing games and best Xbox Series X racing games to pass the time.