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The Callisto Protocol how to increase your inventory space

Are you wondering how to increase your inventory space in The Callisto Protocol? Here is where you need to get to in the game's chapter list

The Callisto Protocol Increase Inventory: Jacob can be seen about to climb through a vent

As you are playing through the early hours of The Callisto Protocol there is likely one thing you will be asking for. That thing is more inventory space. Thankfully, there is a way to increase your inventory in The Callisto Protocol. But, you will need to work through a fair bit of the game to get that boost.

Once you have your increased inventory space, you will generally have an easier time grabbing everything in a chapter before you are locked off from an area. Whether it be more ammo, items to sell in the Reforge, or additional consumables, being able to hold more of everything is a huge asset in the game.

How to increase your inventory space in The Callisto Protocol

To increase your inventory space in The Callisto Protocol you will need to reach the ‘Lost’ chapter and get about halfway through it. Here you will automatically get a bigger inventory and be able to hold more items like consumables, ammo, and sellable items. This chapter is about 60% of the way through the game.

There is only one inventory upgrade in the game and this upgrade doubles your inventory which does give you more flexibility. But, you still won’t be able to hold everything you find as you are exploring The Callisto Protocol’s chapters.

With the knowledge of how to increase your inventory space in The Callisto Protocol, you will be able to make use of more of The Callisto Protocol’s weapons thanks to being able to hold more ammo. You will also be able to hold their schematics without them clogging up your inventory when you are hunting down The Callisto Protocol’s weapon locations. And, if you are looking for more guides our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough should be able to help you out as you are playing.