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The Callisto Protocol how to defeat the two-head brute boss guide

Are you looking for a guide on defeating The Callisto Protocol's two-head brute boss you come across in the game? This is the place for tips to kill it

The Callisto Protocol Defeat Two Head Boss: The two head boss can be seen

The Callisto Protocol doesn’t have very many bosses instead infusing groups of regular enemies with tougher enemies. But, there is one fight in the third act of the game that may present a challenge and this guide will help you out with how to defeat the two-head brute boss in The Callisto Protocol.

The boss is a relentless foe, charging you and never letting you take a break when you come across it in the later The Callisto Protocol chapters. However, with a wide variety of The Callisto Protocol weapons in your arsenal at this point, there are some strategies you can adopt to make the fight a little easier and get past it.

The Callisto Protocol two-head brute boss guide

The main strategy to kill the two-head brute boss in The Callisto Protocol is to do the following:

  • Shoot it as it walks towards you
  • Dodge as it attacks
  • Run away to get out of its melee range after a heavy attack
  • Keep dodging if it performs a light attack
  • Repeat until it kneels
  • Hit it with a melee combo to destroy a head
  • Repeat this process until you destroy the second head

The boss is quite imposing because of his relentless pursuit of you. However, the strategy to defeat it is pretty simple, although to be able to defeat it you will need to master The Callisto Protocol’s dodging.

When the fight begins you want to lay into it with a couple of shots and then dodge his first attack. Depending on which side of its body you shoot you can destroy its slower heavy attack or his faster swipe. You will want to destroy its right-hand side first (your left) as it can be easier in the second phase without having to deal with its faster attacks.

The boss will never perform a combo on you, only attempting single melee hits. So, you can easily dodge its one attack by moving to the side. When it hits with its slower attack you will want to run away as it is recovering to reload and land shots from afar. When it hits with the faster attack, you want to keep dodging, landing maybe a shot or two if you get a chance.

Once you do enough damage it will fall to its knees. When it does this quickly run up to it and land a standard three-hit melee combo to destroy one of its heads. From there, you just want to repeat this strategy a second time until it falls to its knees again and you can do another three-hit melee combo to destroy the second head.

And there you have it! It’s actually pretty easy to defeat the two-head brute boss in The Callisto Protocol, it just takes a bit fo practice getting to grips with everything in the game. It serves as the first real challenge in the third act of the game before you move on to the final chapters. For more combat tips and help, check out our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough which is packed full of articles to help you out as you continue your journey through Black Iron Prison.