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Is The Callisto Protocol co-op?

Want to know how many people can play Striking Distance Studios' terrifying adventure? This article will tell you if The Callisto Protocol co-op is available

The Callisto Protocol Co-op: Dani and Jacob can be seen

Is The Callisto Protocol co-op? Are you looking for a new co-op multiplayer horror adventure to play alongside your friends? Has the horror, intensity, and brutality of The Callisto Protocol piqued your interest? This article will tell you if you can group up with a buddy to make your way through Black Iron Prison with them.

With a good number of The Callisto Protocol chapters, surviving the horrors hunting you down in Striking Distance Studios’ game isn’t an easy task. However, depending on your ability to stomach the horrors alone The Callisto Protocol’s difficulty modes can make the experience easier. But, is that also possible with a friend? Find out below.

Is The Callisto Protocol co-op?

The Callisto Protocol does not offer any kind of co-op functionality. The game is an entirely single-player, linear adventure so you cannot play with a friend either online or in the same room. Of course, you can invite your friends over and play together as you watch them jump out of their skin at the game’s jump scares.

This won’t be surprising to anyone who has had their eyes on the game but if you were looking for a new horror game you can play with friends or family, this isn’t it. Might we suggest some of the best Xbox horror games and best PS5 horror games as alternatives?

Nevertheless, if you are going to pick up The Callisto Protocol anyway, might we suggest our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough which is filled with tips and guides to help you out as you play? The Callisto Protocol co-op might not be a thing, but you will still need every bit of assistance you can get to be able to survive Black Iron Prison.