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TFT Set 8 Hacker trait gives LoL’s Hecarim the Mr Robot treatment

TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack is on the horizon, and the new Hacker trait takes a leaf out of the Trojans' book when it comes to Hecarim's role

Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Hacker Hecarim: Arcade Hecarim

Teamfight Tactics Set 8, Monsters Attack, is finally on the way, and developer Riot Games has been hard at work crowbarring in more creative ways to delete your enemies than ever. And one of them involves turning Hecarim into something the Romans – or at least Mr Robot – would be proud of.

While the Assassin trait has been removed from the new set, Riot has clearly been conscious of making sure players can’t simply wedge their carries in the back rows and expect them to go undisturbed. Introducing the ‘Hacker’ trait.

Although LeBlanc, Zoe, and Zed (two, three, and four-cost units) won’t be able to leap (or portal) into the backline, hope is here in the form of ‘H4ckerr!m’ the Trojan horse – a take on League of Legends’ Hecarim fit for the digital age.

Just as we saw Hong ‘Pyosik’ Chang-hyeon charge into the T1 backline on Hecarim at LoL Worlds 2022, Hackers summon a H4ckerr!m, which delivers whichever unit is in the Rider Hex into the enemy backline. You can check out a Short of that in action, courtesy of YouTuber ‘Khatch’ here.

Asides from being one of the finest double-entendres we’ve seen in TFT to date, this new trait is certainly one of the more imaginative ways to access the back rows yet. Additionally, judging from the trait’s flavour text – you can check it out for yourself in our TFT Set 8 traits guide – it doesn’t actually have to be a Hacker in the Rider Hex, so you’ll be able to DoorDash your scariest champion into prime position to cause absolute chaos and destruction.

Sadly, H4ckerr!m won’t quite be able to hack you to a top spot in the TFT ranks, but it will at least provide your opponents with food for thought when they’re contemplating their positioning. For more on TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack, check out our TFT patch notes guide.