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Kill the Justice League tips Infamy system “on its head” for Episode 2

Kill the Justice League Episode 2 will introduce new quality-of-life features, including tweaks to gaining powerful weaponry early.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: An image of the Joker and Harley Quinn in Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is set to reveal its mid-season update, overhauling many of the game’s mechanics. Rocksteady Studios aims to make onboarding easier for new players, and a major way to do that is by making Infamy and Notorious weapons more accessible. Kill the Justice League Episode 2’s reworks might be the most welcomed update yet, if you’re still willing to give the game a chance.

The debut of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 1 wasn’t exactly the huge revival for the co-op game we expected. While the Joker is extremely fun to play as, boasting arguably the best moveset within the Suicide Squad’s roster, Season 1 is begging for variety across the board. In the latest development update from Rocksteady, the studio clarifies that “with Episode 2, we’re turning that completely on its head. All Infamy Set tiers and Notorious items will be possible to acquire starting from Mastery Level 1.”

At present, much of the multiplayer game’s versatile builds are reserved for endgame gameplay. If you’ve been wondering where the powerful pieces of gear are, you won’t need to worry about that anymore. Infamy gear will be rebalanced, meaning that you don’t need to rely on Tier 3 gear to have a chance of completing higher Mastery levels. Tier 1 gear will focus on playing into “specific playstyles”, enabling players to chain combos together easier than before, harnessing your gear’s buffs.

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Tier 3 gear will still complement any playstyle, but Rocksteady says that “it will be the most complex Infamy Set when it comes to uptime. You’ll have to use all your skills to keep the buffs going, but the payoff will be that you have more freedom in which core mechanics to use.” Grinding away for superb pieces of Infamy gear can be a tedious task.

With Season 1 locking the Joker and Mastery progression behind achieving Level 30 in-game, over four hours of chipping away at the start of Season 1 didn’t feel worth it initially.

Alongside this rework, four additional Master levels will be applied to gear. Master gear is among the best gear in-game, and can be further altered with a quick trip to the Toy Man. For these changes to really sing, though, a vast amount of Incursions needs to be considered by Rocksteady. Better yet, let’s get some Destiny 2-style raids. Even Call of Duty games have been introduced in recent entries of the long-running FPS game franchise. However, we’ll have to see if the game can get beyond Season 2 first.

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