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How to unlock characters in Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Find out how to unlock characters in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode to be able to use their fighting style within the story mode.

Street Fighter 6 Unlock Characters: Ken can be seen

Do you want to know how to unlock characters in Street Fighter 6? While you will have access to everyone in the Battle Hub and Fighting Ground, initially, you have a limited selection in World Tour. To get everyone you will need to make your way through the story so you can use your favourite fighting style.

Unfortunately, this does mean that if your favorite character is unlocked toward the end of the campaign during Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, you will have to play through the whole thing. But, to get a glimpse at when your favorite fighter is unlocked in Street Fighter 6 read on below.

How to unlock characters in Street Fighter 6

To unlock the Street Fighter 6 characters, you will need to reach the following quests in World Tour:

  • Reach Chapter 1 – unlock Luke
  • Reach Chapter 2-1 – unlock Chun-Li
  • Reach Chapter 3-3 – unlock Marisa
  • Reach Chapter 4-1 and complete side quest ‘The Spirit Guide’ – unlock Lily
  • Reach Chapter 6-1 – unlock Blanka
  • Reach Chapter 6-1 – unlock Dee Jay
  • Reach Chapter 7-1 and complete side quest ‘Special Unit Del-?’ in Metro City’s subway and visit King St. (UK) – unlock Cammy
  • Reach Chapter 7-2 and complete side quest ‘Extra’ from Oscar in Metro City in the main square – unlock Manon
  • Reach Chapter 8-1 and head to Chinatown at night to find Jamie fighting some thugs – unlock Jamie
  • Reach Chapter 8-3 – unlock Ken
  • Reach Chapter 8-4 – unlock E. Honda
  • Reach Chapter 8-5 – unlock Ryu
  • Finish Chapter 8-7 and visit Beat Street – unlock Kimberly
  • Reach Chapter 9-1 – unlock Guile
  • Complete the side-quest ‘Yoga Statue’ – unlock Dhalsim
  • Complete side-quest ‘Hither and Tither’ in front of Hagger Stadium – unlock Zangief
  • Complete side quest ‘A Hardboiled Adventure’ – unlock Juri
  • Finish World Tour and return to Mount Vayshal at night – unlock JP

Once you reach these chapters you will then be able to equip the character’s fighting style, level them up, and use their moves within Avatar Battles in the Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub or the Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode itself. At the start, you will only have a limited amount of moves, but spending some time using their moves and having them as your selected fighter will unlock even more options for you to equip.

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That covers how to unlock characters in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode. Overall, getting access to all the fighting masters is pretty easy and shouldn’t be too much trouble. Once you have access to your favorite characters, you can begin using them, gaining experience for when you jump online or if you want to find your best character, our Street Fighter 6 tier list will tell you who you should be playing as.