Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground explained

Street Fighter 6 has a plethora of new modes for you to try and in this guide we'll explore what Fighting Ground mode is in the latest Capcom fighting game

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Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be a great next instalment in the series. It’s seeking to bring players tried-and-true features that they’ve come to expect, but it’s also innovating in areas to provide a fresh take on returning modes. That’s where Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground comes in.

When it comes down to it, Street Fighter 6 is a game about beating the living daylights out of your opponents (and also having cool hair like Guile). But, with its plethora of new modes, a lot might get lost in translation, and that’s where this guide comes in.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground, like what the mode entails and how you should use it.

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground explained

Fighting Ground is the home of all the Street Fighter series’ traditional game modes outside of the new modes like World Tour. If you’ve played it before in a Street Fighter game, then you’ll likely find it here.

Versus – One on One

In Versus mode, you can play against another human player, or you can choose to battle against the CPU. This mode seeks to replicate the arcade experience of the game’s past, so this is the mode you want if you gather your friends in one room to duke it out and see who has the most skill.

Online Battle – Ranked Match

In Ranked Match mode, you will matchmake with other players online and fight for League Points – an indicator of your overall skill level. League Points go up and down with wins and losses, but in Street Fighter 6 they are earned on a per-character basis, which means that your skills with each character matter.

Online Battle – Casual Match

If you want to battle against players around the world in an online mode but don’t want the pressure of gaining and losing rank with each match, then Casual Match mode is for you. It functions the same as Ranked, except there are no League Points involved in matchmaking.

Extreme Battle

Extreme Battle is a unique game mode focused on fun and wacky fights that have special gimmicks and rules. For example, you might be tasked with using combo moves to knock giant balls back and forth as seen in the trailer below.

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Training Menu

As should be expected in a serious fighting game, Street Fighter 6’s Training Menu mode comes with a set of comprehensive features that allow you to hone your skill with every character in the game. You can practice in this mode while also searching for an online match, so it’s particularly handy for warming up.

You can set a frame meter in the Training Menu so that it displays frame data for each attack, allowing you to try out new combos. There are also a plethora of reversal settings, so that you can simulate waking up from the ground and regaining momentum. This is all wrapped in a simpler package, so new players will also be able to get to grips with the mode via presets.

Those are all the modes with Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground and what they are. Read our crossplay guide to see if you can play Street Fighter 6 online with others on different platforms, or you can read our Street Fighter 6 characters guide to see the fighters you can play as.