Street Fighter 6 tier list – best characters (June 2023)

After getting hands-on with SF6, we've compiled our Street Fighter 6 tier list to help you pick the best characters on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Kimberly can be seen

Curious who ranks highest amongst all the fighters in our Street Fighter 6 tier list? After spending dozens of hours with the game, playing as them throughout several betas, we have a definitive list of who outranks who and which characters you should pick when heading into an online match.

Street Fighter 6 has an impressive, visually diverse, and unique character roster. And, as such, each of the fighters has a variety of specialisms that you will need to make use of to really succeed with them. With such a diverse array of Street Fighter 6 characters, you will need to be able to separate the good from the bad and find a fighter for you. Our SF6 tier list can help you do just that.

Street Fighter 6 tier list

Here’s the current Street Fighter 6 tier list for June 2023:

  • S-Tier – Manon, Zangief, Guile, Kimberly
  • A-Tier – Luke, Chun-Li, Ken, Juri, Cammy, JP, Marisa
  • B-Tier – Ryu, Jamie, Dhalsim, E. Honda
  • C-Tier – Dee Jay, Lily, Blanka


S-Tier characters are at the top of their game in the current state of the game. They easily overpower everyone else and are easy to pick up and/or have a complex and detailed set of moves that you can make the most of.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Manon can be seen


Manon, like the other grapplers in the game right now is incredible. She is immensely powerful and can carve off up to 25% of an opponent’s health when her Medal Level is at max. As such she is the queen of throws and has a number of special moves that utilize them, including Overdrive throws.

While she might seem easy to pick up (she is) there are some downsides like long recovery times and a low variety of regular moves. But, throws are Manon’s specialty and they help her excel beyond any of the other characters.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Zangief can be seen


Like the more nimble Manon, Zangief is up here due to his power as a grappler. The wrestler has long been hated by many Street Fighter 6 players and that is no different here, already annoying a number of new players.

While he lacks some of his signature moves, he still has an insane amount of powerful grapples that will decimate your health in the blink of an eye. So, if you want a bulkier version of Manon that is more of an all-around good fighter, Zangief is your choice.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Guile can be seen


Guile is a surprise entry into the S-Tier as many weren’t expecting him to perform quite as well as some of the other characters on this list. However, his supers are deadly and can really catch you off guard and pin you into a corner. So, if you are playing him you will want to really make use of each one’s utility options.

Guile is a hard character to learn but once you master his moveset you can expect to rise in the ranks in the competitive mode.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Kimberly can be seen


Kimberly is one of the easiest S-Tier characters to pick up. Her bouncy moveset, easy specials, and mobility mean she can always keep your opponent guessing, leaving them stunned at some of the moves you are able to pull off. She also has some spectacular special moves that really shine and show off the new visuals in Street Fighter 6.

Kimberly is one of the best new characters in the series here in Street Fighter 6 and you would be crazy to ignore her on the roster.

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The A-Tier characters in the game are still rock-solid options for you to do well and succeed in fights. However, they aren’t quite as strong as the ones in the tier above.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Luke can be seen


Luke returns from Street Fighter 5, albeit with a redesigned look and a number of familiar moves. The master puncher is able to completely pin opponents in a corner with far-reaching punches, and a number of heavy-hitting super moves.

His raw power is unmatched apart from the hulking tanky characters in the game and if you want a good beginner character to pick up, Luke isn’t a bad choice.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Chun Li can be seen


Chun-Li sits in the A-tier as the only thing holding her back from the top tier is that she is incredibly difficult to learn. However, despite that her grace, aerial control, and power can really overwhelm newcomers and Chun-Li players will often be the ones you are most frustrated by.

Utilizing her moves, combos, kicks, and range, you can completely close the gap on your opponent. So, if you are looking for a high-finesse character, Chun-Li is your woman.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Ken can be seen


Ken comes in at the A-Tier as fans of the character will love how he plays in Street Fighter 6. Back with a redesigned look, but a lot of his old moves, Ken is definitely one to pick up if you like a character that has a diverse range of punches and kicks.

You can then combine these into combos that deal a lot of damage or keep your opponent’s back against the wall for a long time.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Juri can be seen


Juri is a returning favorite and her legs are the stars of the show, as always. Her immense kick capability and combo potential mean that she can really outshine everyone else on the roster, especially given the amount of damage her combos do.

Our Street Fighter 6 Juri guide goes over some core aspects of her kit you should use. But seasoned Juri players are to be feared, even if she isn’t at the top of this list.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Camy can be seen


Cammy has always been a strong character in Street Fighter and with her classic moveset, she is great here in Street Fighter 6 too. Original moves like Spiral Arrow, and new combo opportunities, allow Cammy to shine with her kicks and stage coverage like never before.

A fan favorite, Cammy has always been a popular pick and that is the same in the latest iteration of the series.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: JP can be seen


JP is a classy and deadly character in Street Fighter 6. Complete with a ton of mixups, JP can keep your opponent guessing with long-range attacks, close-up combos, and unblockable grabs. Plus some great Super Arts and Special Moves are there to add to his repertoire.

Because of this however, JP is an extremely hard character to learn for newcomers and even seasoned players will have a tough time.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Marisa can be seen


Marisa caught everyone’s attention with her powerful charged punches, imposing large hits, and long-range kicks that give her incredible reach. In the game, those moves come in handy and make Marisa a lion to be feared.

She can absolutely obliterate you if you are not watching, and you can use some great mixups as her to bring an end to your opponent.

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The B-Tier characters are ok options, but you won’t get to use as complete a character because of either issues with their moveset, or the fact they are built around one mechanic.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Ryu can be seen


Ryu is the classic, the original face of Street Fighter and here in Street Fighter 6 he is just as powerful and strong as he almost always has been. Powerful special moves, with the hulking weight of his wide body (literally) mean he can absolutely pummel his opponents in an online match, providing you use your combos well.

You can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing Ryu in an online match and really making the most of everything his moveset has to offer.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Jamie can be seen


Jamie is the only character sitting at the B-Tier currently. While this newcomer definitely has a lot of style and fulfills the “drunken fighter” archetype many players had been looking for, his core mechanic lets him down.

The majority of Jamie’s strength comes from raising his drink level during a match and that is his downfall too. If you can’t raise that, or your opponent keeps you from drinking, you will find yourself severely lacking in the power department.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Dhalsim can be seen


Dhalsim is an all-around solid choice. His classic moves are here and look better than ever. But, he isn’t quite giving the same kind of damage output and flexibility that some of the other characters on the roster are able to put out. As such he falls slightly behind the rest of the pack.

Veteran Dhalsim players will still be ones to fear, but if you are looking for a character to pick up that you can get some wins with, Dhalsim isn’t your choice.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: E. Honda can be seen

E. Honda

E. Honda returns and is even more of a wrecking ball than before. His run and immense powerful hits and fast combos can really catch you off guard. Plus, due to his size if you are pinned in a corner, you can quickly be caught in a trap.

So, if you are looking for a bulky, but effective regular fighter that doesn’t rely on grapples E. HOnda is your choice.



Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Dee Jay can be seen

Dee Jay

Ahh Dee Jay. Unfortunately, despite an overhauled moveset and some brand-new moves, Dee Jay is overly reliant on one or two of those moves to do well. The rest of his moveset is lacking and as such while he can do some damage, doesn’t quite match the rest of the roster.

Any skilled player using one of the other characters will easily outpace the man.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Lily can be seen


Lily is an incredibly simple character and as such doesn’t offer the variety and flexibility the other characters in this roster do. While she has some interesting tools in her toolkit, Lily ultimately can’t bring them together like the other characters to perform combos and Special Moves as effectively as the other characters.

She is a great character for someone who wants a combo-based fighter that can be used by beginners. But beyond that, there isn’t much reason to pick her.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Blanka can be seen


Blanka is the one World Warrior that doesn’t quite compare to the rest. His overreliance on Blanka-Chan dolls and bulky, albeit quick mobility means that you have to have a lot of luck, great timing, or incredible skill to be effective as the beast.

So, hopefully, we will see some tweaks to bring Blanka up a tier with the other World Warriors.

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There you have it for our Street Fighter 6 tier list. As mentioned, this ranking comes from dozens of hours played throughout many betas, and once the Steet Fighter 6 release date arrives you can expect everyone else to slot into this list and some clear standouts to emerge. After all, Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be one of the best fighting games. So seasoned fighting game players should find someone they like.