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Street Fighter 6 ranks, League Points, rank bonuses and penalties

Want to know everything about Street Fighter 6 ranks, online ranked play, and more? Here is how the system works online between PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Street Fighter 6 Ranks: Guile can be seen

What are the Street Fighter 6 ranks? Capcom has completely reshaped and reshifted the ranked match system in Street Fighter 6 to better fit all types of fighting game players, allowing the rookies to feel successful and also the veterans to still have challenging matches that are rewarding to play.

In this article, you can find a deep dive into how the ranked matches in Street Fighter 6 work, some of the new systems put in place (such as bonuses and demotions), and how ranked works between all the different Street Fighter 6 characters. This should help you be able to jump in and see all the mode has to offer in the latest iteration of the series.

Street Fighter 6 ranks

The Street Fighter 6 ranks are:

  • Rookie
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

Your rank is determined for each individual character, as Capcom confirmed on Street Fighter 6’s Twitter account. This means that you will individually rank up depending on your skill with the character you are using. For example, a veteran Ken player who is Master rank will have to complete 10 more placement matches if they enter ranked mode as a different character, like Manon or Lily for example.

This will then place them into a rank based on their skill with that new character. This creates a fairer ranked system that takes into account your individual skill with each character, rather than putting you against Master rank players, even if you are using someone you have barely played with in Street Fighter 6. If you want to find one of the top characters to use, our Street Fighter 6 tier list from playing hours of the game has some top picks.

Street Fighter 6 Ranks: A list of the ranks can be seen

There are no divisions in Street Fighter 6’s ranks, instead, there are large gaps from rank to rank as you earn points and the amount of points needed to get from rank to rank is significant. This means it can take quite a while and many matches to make that jump up.

Ranked matches are also played with everyone across the different platforms if you have Street Fighter 6’s crossplay enabled. If you do not, you will only play with people on the same platform as you.

Street Fighter 6 League Points

League Points in Street Fighter 6 are earned with each match won or removed with each match loss in ranked matches. You will earn more League Points if you win than you will see removed from your overall tally if you lose. 

This then allows you to creep towards the next rank with each win, or fall significantly down, maybe even into the rank below you if you continue to lose.

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Street Fighter 6 ranked bonuses and penalties explained

Street Fighter 6’s ranked bonuses and penalties affect how quickly you can rise up the leaderboard if you do well and the impact losses have on your overall rank. They change with each rank tier and are:

  • Win streak bonus, no League Points lost on defeat – Rookie
  • Win streak bonus, no league demotion, one-time rank-down protection enabled – Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold
  • League demotion enabled, one-time rank-down protection enabled, no win streak bonus – Platinum, Diamond
  • No league demotion, no win streak bonus – Master

This is one of the biggest ways Capcom has made Street Fighter 6 a fairer competitive experience, allowing players who are at the bottom of the ladder to not feel apathetic, while still rewarding skill.

Street Fighter 6 ranked placement matches

Upon starting ranked mode in Street Fighter 6, you will have to complete ten placement matches which will determine an appropriate starting rank for you. Here you can also pick your skill level with fighting games, from a beginner, novice, intermediate, and advanced player to help make these placement matches fair.

Once these ten matches have been completed you will be placed into one of the ranks and then have to fight to maintain your position, avoid being demoted, and climb up to the next rank.

Street Fighter 6 Ranks: Luke can be seen

That covers everything you need to know about how the Street Fighter 6 ranks work and what you need to succeed in the ranked mode. Available in Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub and the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground modes, you can jump in and matchmaker with players for a more intense, nail-biting fighting game experience in what is one of the best fighting games from what we have played in the betas.